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last day of Japan trip : Osaka!

Ok, now normally I would rest up after a 20 day trip. After all, I am over 49 years old and with a wooden leg and glass teeth and all. But I still have one day left on my Japan Rail “travel unlimited miles for free” pass so I figure I should go to fucking […]

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Japan trip 3: shirogane onsen

TUESDAY SEP 6 — SHIROGANE ONSEN Again, another 5 hour fucking journey to go like 160 kilometers. Furthermore, they arrange it so you can’t travel at night because all the buses stop at 5. so you have to cancel a whole day’s sightseeing, and , travel all day, followed by a whole night with nothing […]

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Japan trip 2: Shikotsu-ko

SUN SEP 4 — LAKE SHIKOTSU   Up hella early and tear-ass out of this little ratty tourist trap town (touya). But I have to wait half an hour at the bus stop, and then wait almost a full hour at the train station, all so I can take a train all the fuck the […]

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japan trip 1: touya

Ok, guys, I just checked my passport, and it turns out that I have to leave Japan again in like 3 days. Doh! so, to give you something to read while I am gone, I finally typed a travel report of my Japan vacation. As usual, the report is in 2 parts — words and […]

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