Tokyo Damage Report

Tokyo garbage report 7: update

tokyo GARBAGE report #7

special update and stuff

above, yoyogi park garbage dump.

above, cemetary garbage. dead flowers for dead people!

extension, shinjuku, 9/29

smooshy smooshy truck, shinjuku station, midnight.

your blog (my foot shown for size comparison)


yamanote line, 12:30 AM. the rest of the train was packed like a moshpit, except this one car. why is that?

is the best part of this

1) the SKID MARK in the middle where someone clearly slipped in it?

2) the people at EVERY STOP that rushed on to this traincar, then rushed out again? i felt like Allan Funt.

3) the little ‘highways’ of semi-clear fluid that crisscrossed the floor?

4) the fact that i’ve been in Japan long enough to totally recognize what he’d been eating, even in its half-digested form?

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