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2005 Henrio

  クリスマスに際して、自分の会社を創設しました! ヘンりお という キャラクタグッズ 会社をつくりました。 プレゼンド にとして、 パロディ を 11匹 ご紹介します。 変リオ の 世界 に 行きましょうか? あなたは本物キャラクタを知らなっかたら、 絵をクリックしてください。 このページの絵が全部其々本物キャラクタのページにリンクしている。   .so i figured that christmas, the height of the consumer season, would be the perfect time to launch my new series of toys! As a sort of fucked up present to readers. I’m sure you are all familiar with Sanrio, makers of hello kitty and friends (if not […]

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random karaoke irony.

  the video for a Bad Religion song — old African-American guys tapdancing and playing saxiphones. It’s like – how did they KNOW??   below: snoop dog gets one song. canadian rapper Snow gets three songs. . . . Same as the smiths! Exactly what is the algorhythm here?? Seriously if you could figure out […]

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beauty treatment or S/M toy?

  all of these from Tokyuu Hands, a popular department store! for around $25.00, you can get SURIMU HO HO, which i think translates to : slim hoho! the rest of the thing says, "training and stretching. once a day ten minutes. Mouth corners up! Get a small face! acne! mouth stink gets the feeling, […]

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x-rated manga sound effects!!!!!!!!!!

So, about x-rated japanese comics. This is really a thing over here. I am not a huge fan of anime, so I never bothered to check out hentai manga. But recently, on my way home from the bar I found like 20 pounds of the bastards that some kid just threw away on the side […]



  During my time in Japan, i have been lucky enough to make a lot of wonderful friends! Today I want to share some heartwarming stories of What Friendship Means To Me: I am walking down the street with my buddy Moyce when we run into friend #1. who says, “Hey, what are you dudes […]

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New cute characters from Japan

I hate to admit it, but Sanrio has really been sucking lately. Sucking a furry little stuffed penis, with all its corporate might. . they keep their best characters out of print (hangyodon, tuxedo sam, pekkle, marron cream) and instead foist upon us these hideous, waaaaaay too campy monstrosities like Pinki-lili and Ayankey. And what’s […]