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x-rated manga sound effects!!!!!!!!!!

So, about x-rated japanese comics. This is really a thing over here.

I am not a huge fan of anime, so I never bothered to check out hentai manga. But recently, on my way home from the bar I found like 20 pounds of the bastards that some kid just threw away on the side of the street. Being drunk I decided to perch all 20 pounds on my bicyle’s tiny basket ? never mind that I could not ride straight to begin with ? and somehow I made it home in one piece.

The shit that I noticed the most was not the obsession with fluids or the many underaged children, what I notice is that the characters are just totally surrounded by huge clouds of sound effects. Not only that, but they have sound effects for things that are quiet in real life. Vaginas in particular are incredibly noisy. They can go kuchu or puchu or bicho or jun jun. Basically they just never shut up.

At first the sound effects seemed just intimidating ? there were a limitless number of them, in stark contrast to the totally repetitive and boring sex acts. but gradually it became clear that most words were just variations on some basic sounds. Like there are a million words for sex but they all somehow agreed to end in “-ru” or “-pu”. likewise, most sounds for sucking incorporate the sound “chu” (kiss!) somewhere in them. Fondling for some reason generally results in a “-ni” or a “-mi.” so there are patterns after all.

Thus encouraged, I asked my anime pal to help me translate them. She explained that it is difficult even for japanese ?because why?

  • they can be written in hirigana, or furigana.
  • they are usually used in pairs (“dokidoki”), but sometimes just once with an exclamation point, to illustrate something happening suddenly and aggressively!!!
  • often artists will just make up a new word which is a variation on an existing one.
  • a lot of terms are just “regular words” used in a dirty context ? things like sway, vibrate, tremble, or drip. And to a foreigner it is not clear which are the REALLY dirty bits.
  • these words are pretty famous. . . most people can recognize the meaning if you say it out loud. However, it would never occur to a Japanese (even a pervert) to actually say it! They are purely written words. but fuck it, try saying it anyway.

I have been packing steadily for 12 hours today, to move my house. If i do not finish by tomorrow the landlord will have my head on a stake. but just to unwind from my labors, i have decided to dedicate 3 hours to assembling this partial dictionary. It would have been a complete dictionary but frankly I got bored. I mean, it’s only porn.

Feel free to post this to your little nerd BBS.


ビュルビュル byuru byuru!, or

ブビュブビュ Bubyu. Bubyu –men’s orgasm, ferocious, a sound reminiscent of poo or farts

ドピョドピョ Dopyo dopyo — the most famous sound of men’s orgasm

ドピュッ! Dopyu!,or

ぷしゃあ Pushaa ,or

ピュピュ Pyu pyu —regular old men’s ejaculation.


ジュンジュン jun jun –a vagina or even a whole person who is throbbing with anticipation

プチュプチュ Puchu puchu, or

くちゅくちゅ kuchu kuchu, or

グチュグチュ Guchu guchu –vagina getting sopping wet

ビチョビチャ Bicho bicha —another vaginal goo sound

どっくん Dokkun– lady having an orgasm. Not too sure about this one. In contrast to their mucous, women’s orgasms are hella quiet over here in Japan.

ブシュ Bushu– sound of woman ejaculating huge amounts of pulsating liquid. the techincal term for this is Shiofuki. literally, the “blowhole of a whale."


ズヌウズヌウ Zunuu zunuu , or

ズチュウズチュウ Zuchuu zuchuu, or

ズウプズプ Zupu zupu , or

じゅぷじゅぷ Jupu jupu , or

ずぶずぶ Zubu zubu ,or

ぐぷぐぷ Gupu gupu— all are variations on the general theme of fucking, penis going in and out, kind of things. Sometimes used with ferocious fellatio.

プショプショ Pusho pusho –general day-to-day sex.

ジョプジョプ Jopu jopu , or

じゅぷじゅぷ Jupu jupu — ditto. although, sometimes also used with a penis in your mouth.

ぷちゅぷちゅ puchu puchu, or

クチュックチュッ Kuchu! Kuchu! –Penis pumping in and out.

ズボズボ zubo zubo –again with the pumping noises.

にゅち nyuchi nyuchi –a not-so-common noise of sex

ミチュミチュ! Michu michu — also not-so-common, but you should study it anyway.

ズブ! Zubu! 、or

ぬぼちゅ Nubochu, or

ぬぷぬぷ nupu nupu, or

グブグブ Gubu gubu — the mysterious "Inital Penetration" sound, useable on any hole, which is usually followed by the "sex-having" sounds above.

ぶるぶる Buru buru—- or

ヒクヒク  Hiku hiku– tremble, or throb.

ぴく! Piku!– body is trembling

びくんびくん Bikun bikun— pulsating with pleasure, used about an erection but also sometimes about a woman’s climax.


ビンビン Bin bin 、or

ぎん! Gin! ,or

ぼーき Bo-ki— at last I can use one of the few good old AMERICAN sound-effect noises : boioioioiooioioinggggg. USA!USA!USA!

ぼろん ぼろん Boron boron —a kind of rarely used term, but interesting; dangling floppy penis sound.

こりこり kori kori, or

くりくり Kuri kuri –NORMAL MEANING crunchy like a cucumber or snickers. HENTAI MEANING ? a nipple getting hard


クパッ! Kupaa— very new slang. Sound of fingers spreading open the lips of a vagina


はーはー Ha- ha-, or

あーあー!! a?a– normal sexual moan type of noise.


ちゅるちゅる churu churu,or

ちゅぷちゅぷ chupu chupu — sucking

ぺろぺろ pero pero—— licking- used both with french kissing and cunnilingis, but i never once, in my painstaking and utterly scientific research, saw it used with fellatio. there are rules, people, RULES! Sure you can have hella rape and bondage, but make sure you get the sound effects correct.

にゅく  nyuku 、or

にゅちゅ nyuchu— HELLA fondling a vagina

ぴちゃぴちゃ Picha picha— licking , cunnilingis


にゅる  nyuru ,or

シュッ!シュッ!shu!-shu! —- a hand just whaling on a shaft like crazy and junk

ギュッ! Gyu! —-NORMAL MEANING: pinching or grasping, HENTAI MEANING: vagina muscles just gripping like crazy.


ぼいんぼいん Boin boin—- not so much as BOUNCING breasts, as breasts exploding out of a brassiere. Being displayed suddenly and profoundly. Sort of like a trumpet’s fanfare for them.

もみもみ Momi momi— fondling, especially of a booby.

ぷにぷに Puni puni —fondling in general

タプーーーン Tapuuuun—- NORMAL MEANING= sound of meat hanging on a rack. HENTAI MEANING- a pendulous, swinging booby

ぷるぷる Puru puru—- bobbling breasts, whether naturally occurring (jogging, treadmill) or bobbled manually, it makes no difference.

むにゅっ! Munyu!— Grabbing breasts suddenly

ゆさゆさ Yusa yusa —swaying ?back-and-forth things. Like trees in the wind. for instance.



ぱしっぱしっ Pashi!pashi! —-NON PERVERT MEANING: things that are slapping together. PERVERT MEANING: things that are slapping together.

パンパン Pan pan pan—- sound of bodies hitting each other during vigorous coitus


ゴポゴポ Gopo gopo, or

どろどろ Doro doro—- lots of watery fluid dripping

トロトロ Toro toro , or

ネチョネチョ Necho necho —-very thick dripping sauce-like fluid

どくどく Doku doku—- semen flowing out of an orifice

ねばねば Neba neba —-sticky ? usually used when pinching two fingers together and then pulling them apart and like a little bridge of gunk is stretched between them.

ゴックン Gokkun—- swallowing


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  1. betawatcher September 24th, 2011 6:37 am

    "often artists will just make up a new word which is a variation on an existing one."

    This is what I hate most about translating SFX. (I scanlate doujins, a lot of R-18 ones at that) It's the kind of sound you can imagine but don't know how to translate. And they generally translate to the same thing, only with 'pretty' fonts… Makes me wanna make up english sfx too!

  2. oops-hentai December 22nd, 2013 5:42 am

    What is the manga that pic from?

  3. upallnight November 1st, 2014 11:56 pm

    Thank you for your dedicated effort towards providing translations for hentai manga noises. Now I can die in peace, knowing what “zubozubo” is supposed to mean.

  4. Just sayin’ | Chicklit November 16th, 2014 9:15 pm

    […] Unver, I love your stuff, but for real: you do not have to use EVERY sex sound effect in the Japanese language in your work. For […]

  5. TrippyVirus July 13th, 2016 9:28 pm

    In my country bicho mean dick…it’s all connected ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. s o n i October 2nd, 2016 8:34 pm


  7. Superhentai November 24th, 2017 6:09 am

    oops-hentai December 22nd, 2013 5:42 am
    Got you bro!
    My question’s the same?

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