Tokyo Damage Report

random karaoke irony.


the video for a Bad Religion song — old African-American guys tapdancing and playing saxiphones. It’s like – how did they KNOW??


below: snoop dog gets one song. canadian rapper Snow gets three songs.

. . . Same as the smiths!

Exactly what is the algorhythm here?? Seriously if you could figure out the equations that karaoke companies use to determine which artist gets how many songs, you could probably solve string theory like, blaow.

Plus, you notice those little snippets of lyrics that are printed on the right side of the karaoke book?? —

sounds like Snoop and Snow are having a little conversation.




below — james brown only gets one song, but Manowar gets three.

We went karaoke 2 days after the Godfather passed away, so naturally we had to do a song in his honor:

But since I was in Japan, I started translating the lyrics —

"ecchi no kikai! ecchi no kikai! エッチの機械!”

”Pink rotor! Get on up! Purple rotor! Get on up! Rabbit Pearl! Get on up! Blue rotor! Get on up!"


special bonus irony —

also, the video for "Sex Machine" seems to be referring to the US Senate as a "money maker." I’m sure Tom DeLay would be proud.


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