Tokyo Damage Report

Engrish food.

engrish food products



I’m not going to turn this into a PC rant or anything, but what the hell? The pringles on the supermarket shelf right next to this was like, texas BBQ flavor and french consomme soup flavor. How do Japanese people decide which foreign flavor is ethnic? french aren’t ethnic? try telling that to their Ministry Of Language, the guys trying to outlaw words like "hamburger" and "big mac".


on the left, you can get special GARGLE WATER.




(from korea)



when I’m feeling stifled by the giant city of TOkyo, i like to reach for the down-home, authentic taste of …

…."country ma’am" brand chocochip cookies.



at Segafredo, the cappuchino cafe:


german bacon flavored pringles!!






and of course, G-cup noodles.



also , if that wasn’t puerile enough, try this:


"indian curry"

this is made by, yes, a Japanese company. we love multicultralism!!!

PC? not PC?


feel free to send this image to your local Humanities professor.

my friend Bakamike says this IS SO p.c. because it "counters the insensitive stereotype that Navajos can’t make a good Masala, just because they’re Navajo."



the ‘MEAT DOG’

that’s right. a hot dog covered in meat.

meat dog.

also possibly important: i have not seen this advertised anyplace except 2chome. 2chome being, of course, tokyo’s Castro District. draw your own conclusions.

also important:


here is another photo, in case you were still under the impression that it was merely the second or third coolest bike ever. no. check out the handle that grownups use to push it, plus the training wheels, PLUS the fact that it’s hinged just in front of the pedals, so you can fold it up when you’re done. it’s a total, i mean, who needs Gandams when you have this bike?

plus i’m pretty sure that the kid who rides the bike is actually a robot.


also interesting but not nearly as important as the COOLEST BIKE EVER:

pachinko addicts!! lined up around the block at 9:30 AM waiting for the shop to open. they do this every time there’s a new game out.

what’s interesting: these guys are NOT considered otaku (nerds). they’re gamblers, treated with the same respect and reverance that las vegas card sharks get in america.


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