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(JSYK : in this article I am not talking about college days, but adult life)

there is way more dude scientists and artists than wymyn scientist and artists. Much has been written about how this is sexist. To which I could not agree more : it is sexist against GUYS! At this point you may be forgiven for just rolling your eyes and thinking, “OK, here he goes again, just talking shit,” but bear with me. It is sexist against men because if a lady is in a band (or at a science conference for that matter) she will find herself surrounded by 80% guys. However, if a guy is in a band (or a science conference), he will find himself surrounded by 80% guys. If you are an hetero, the problem here should be pretty easy to see.

Of course some of this gender imbalance is the guys’ fault. But I really think that, in 2005, you will have a hard time finding a guy who still says “Girls can’t rock!” or “Girls can’t factor a polynomial!” Mostly I think there is a gender imbalance because when a lady sees a good musician/artist she doesn’t think, “Shit, man, I can do that! I’ma start practising 4 hours a day!” . . . she is more likely to think “I wonder if he’s single?”

Don’t lie. You know what I’m talking about.

The few women who DO go into creative fields get boyfriends pretty quickly, whereas the guys (ok, straight guys) find that our creativity works against us — we are too weird for “normal” women and there is too few weird women to go around.

Why do women complain about male-dominated fields? Every straight guy I know would LOVE to be in a room that is dominated by women. But where can we get the opportunity?? What, I am supposed to go to the church picnic? I am supposed to give up going to punk shows and start going to the fucking aromatherapy workshop and pretend I am interested in scented bath-candles?? Not exactly the same, is it?

This status quo hurts women, too. For every lonely he-nerd spending $100 on porn, there is like 2 lonely women spending $100 on designer shoes or fad diets, as if shopping will make her a better person. God, that sounds so “sophmore humanities student” but it is true. Plus I totally messed up the plurals but I have a crippling hangover and can’t be bothered. To reiterate — there is no need for a lady in 2005 to bust her ass trying to “look nice” or keep up with trends! A lady can get a steady boyfriend way quicker with a drum set or a lab coat-and-calculator than she can with a gallon of hairspray and Chanel pumps. Not to mention that brainy girls are more interesting and fun to be with! And of course, one can be totally feminine AND creative if that is your thing.

So what exactly is the fucking hold-up, ladies?

because i am sick of waiting for the Crazy Girl Of My Dreams. . .



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  1. slu-fay March 22nd, 2012 5:56 pm

    I always see the hottest girls in Kinko's were i live and I keep telling there managment they should serve drinks there and have soon as they make the computers and copiers water proof i think they will and its 24 hours so i'm waiting.the man to women ratio there is always 30 / 70 maybe because more women know hot to use copiers and computers or maybe men lazy.some of the punk rock bands that i have been around could use some aroma therapy so you might have a new club idea in the works on that one!

  2. EnergeticCrab April 27th, 2012 3:50 pm

    The issue with male dominated fields is that songs, papers, tv, books, movies, and most media and academic articles are written from a male perspective. This means women's stories are not told, women's issues remain invisible, and people IN GENERAL only are fed one type of view on the world. A great analogy/example/metaphor is the different between men's and women's symptoms for heart attacks. Did you know women have a completely different set of heart attack symptoms? But you wouldn't, because 90% of what we have been taught about heart attacks is only male heart attack symptoms! How fucked up is that? So half of the population won't know if they are having a heart attack because they have been taught "pain in the chest and dizziness" instead of "pain in the shoulder and back, plus nausea" . This is just one way in which male-dominated fields dictate in which we live, at the expense of the health and safety of women. 

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