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the irony of social networks

I realized what Myspace is ? high school yearbook signatures. Terrabytes of them. Used to be that you only had to endure that circle-jerk of shallowness once a year. (Dood, remember that party, ur so kewl have a wicked rad summer don’t ever change xoxo). Now, thanks to myspace, we can do that all year round! Holla!
See, this is what happens when you get people who are incapable of any kind of introspection and let them make a page detailing their innermost thoughts. Plus most of the writing is the result of mtv-reality-shows, where a whole generation thinks if they ACT all famous and have ‘an attitude’ then they will become famous. You could say I am over 20 so I am supposed to hate myspace. Hell no?it’s not like there is a rule that teenagers HAVE to act like illiterate narcissists. The fact is, my position on youth culture has not changed with age at all. I hated teenagers since I WAS one. Now I think about it, I hate them way LESS than I did back then. With one exception ? nerds. Fuck nerds. Bunch of sell-outs.
Let me explain:
The irony of all this myspace-and-MSM-etc is, that it’s the smartest 1% of the population ? nerds ? who are working like 60-hour weeks programming the most advanced experimental code, to enable the dumbest 50% to ‘holla’ at each other and ‘hit me back’ . . . exactly the same kind of people that would never even look at those nerds in real life.
That’s so funny I could LOL!

That’s fucking great, “Amazing Amber124”? some guy worked an 80 hour week coding, so that we could all know that “I *heart*U2!” . . .AND backup copies of your statements are in bomb-proof data centers in 4 states! Because that’s how much we *heart* keeping your wisdom for future generations!
Hey K3LLY? don’t you feel important? Some dudes and ladies went to grad school for 5 years to learn PLSQL and PYTHON coding, just so you can let us know that “MY LIL BRO IS THE SHIETttTTTTT”.
Oh, plus QTPRINCEzZ’s interests are :
movies. music, fashion, tennis, hot guys, life…anything…i love talkng to much fun!!! eeek..hehe beach, snowboarding, shooting stars =), adventures, shopping, food, eating out, sports, friends, deep conversations, dressing up formally, hanging out, hanging out with the v-club!!! woop woop. See, before the internet, I would have had to live without that information. I would have been scratching my head, “What kind of guys does qtprincezz like? Lame ones? Or hot?” Or maybe losing sleep over the question, “Where can I find someone else who likes both life AND food? Am I the only one??”
Anyway, I know I can’t singlehandedly stop this whole ‘social network’ industry, I had to at least try to make it less dumb. So here is a myspace page I made. I encourage other people to make pages for stuff – like the Battle of Hastings, and inanimate carbon rod, coelacanth twins, or a small flake of eczema. Together they could make a more interesting network.

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