Tokyo Damage Report

Prog tree


I have been meaning to bring this to your attention for a while but every time i sit down to write the report, suddenly hella flutes and violins start playing in 11/9 time, and then i wind up battling dragons in an ancient realm. . .AGAIN. but thanks to my new can of extra-strength Flute Repellant, i think i should be able to finally be able to tell you about. .. . .


there is a tree in Shinjuku Gyouen which has roots that look like. . .

. . .like a stinking Roger Dean Prog-rock album cover!!

Compare with an actual Yes album cover:

you KNOW i am not lying.


You will have to imagine tiny dragons and guys in helmets wandering around on top of these, um, "castles."


still don’t believe the kid?? check out the Photoshop version —


how fucking Prog is that??? you can practically hear the flutes, right??


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