Tokyo Damage Report

SKA PUNK SHOW IN THE PARK: 4 spikes, no futures, angulipogachan, fatness, foolishness

A free show starting at noon, 14 bands!

this band was of s Ska nature.

I forgot their name. Can you guess what i remembered?

THat’s right: patent leather pumps.

next was 4SPIKES.

Guitarist GOU prepares for liftoff. . .


the show took place near Yoyogi park, where all the flea-market people sell old shoes. Thus the flea-market people were very upset with the punks and their monkey-shines. some old guy singlehandedly tried to shut down the show which was pretty funny.

After that was the smash hit of the whole show, THE NO FUTURES. Starring IWATA, the former drummer of BOOB$SHIT.

That is him in the middle.

The whole audience was like crusty hobo-looking older punk people , . . . plus these 5 junior high girls that showed up special for NO FUTURES. Everyone gave them a wide berth.



This band has the best concept ever: let the bass and drums play actual songs LIKE SUCKERS, while the guitarist and vocal devote their whole energy to jumping around making noise and rocking. But the bass and drum are the cute guys in the band so in the end it equals out i guess.

the guitar in particular spent 77 percent of the show just feeding back while jumping up and down, jumping into the crowd. . . for a couple of songs he just straight up got lost, and so some random guy from the audience picked up the guitar and started making noise until he came back. fucking marvelous!



the singer, UWATA, knows how to have antics.

shennannegans, even!

best part– he is rocking fly Louie Vuitton, here placed under a speaker for safekeeping.

i was like, what the hell people???

next was ANGLIPOGACHAN, with a new bassist, formerly of ONE-ARMED BANDIT>

he is still falling down.





more violin tricks: holding the bow in one’s mouth while moving the violin up and down for the purpose of playing it. . .


the audience. this guy below was the absolutely best dressed guy ever to go to a punk show–

next, THE FATNESS played


their fans were skanking. there were many variations on the skank performed but I did not take pictures of them on account of skinheads are short tempered.


the foolishness also played.

bad news — both BOOB$HIT and ONE-ARMED BANDIT broke up while i was in America.

They are no more. fuck.


um, ok. hope you enjoyed photos of rock musicians for a while.

if you want to see shows by these bands, please check my tokyo live schedule page.

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