Tokyo Damage Report

2006 Tokyopack tradeshow

september 7, 2006, TOKYO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The show took place at TOKYO BIG SIGHT, which is famous for anime nerd stuff, but should be famous for the roof, because the roof is also a fucking floor somehow:

Tokyo Pack is a convention where people from around the world exhibit machines that pack anything from food and pills to boxes. Sounds boring, right?

Wrong! It is like Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. There are like a million machines all whirring and buzzing and chopping and boinking and spindling rotating flipping contracting pumping and clicking. Basically it is like an amusement park for food. Like you can imagine if you were a Twinkie, then every machine is this super exciting ride that you go on, where you are encased, vacum sealed, and then have weird 3d color graphics shrinkwrapped onto your torso.


For instance, this whole printing press is one giant 50 foot machine!!!



Bet you didn’t know ROLAND, makers of computerized music effects and synths, is also making 3d bear-carving machines, did you? The salesman said they have beein doing factory machines, in addition to music, for over 10 years!



computerized die-cutting machine. on the left are jigsaw puzzle pieces that customers can assemble, so we can see for ourselves the inhuman accuracy. also — it’s beveled!!! BEVELED I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!


The "suction cup weightlessness-inducing" machine.

Industrial put-stuff-in-a-plastic-bag-with-a-paper-label-on-it-er. Sorry, I forgot the maker.

this was designed for foods, such as pork slurry, that are very sticky. using a non-stick surface, the corkscrew propells the food-slurry to its destination.


OK, starting now, I am going to link to all the companies. Hopefully some totally eccentric millionaire is reading this in his or her bunker and, on a whim, will buy some of these machines because they are of use in his/her world domination plan. Or just to give to kids.

(even if you don’t have a million bucks, the websites are free and have lots of photos of bizarre devices, so . . . . I’m just saying. . . )

Also, I took some videos of the machines. They are HELLA short, like 4 seconds long, but it gives you some idea of the motions and whirring. maybe put your media player on repeat mode? sorry this isn’t Youtube, buddy.


Kasuga Denki Co.’s PS-601 PLASMA SURFACE TREATING SYSTEM. they also make something ominously called the PLASMA SHOWER.

SHORAKU company’s coveted gx-5. high speed double type!

short video .



the BROTHER MACHINE ENGINEERING CO. LTD’s BK-53 automatic hold wrapping machine, suitable for traditional japanese sweets, sushi, and something called "hold wrapped cookies."


Old River Automatic Machine Co. Ltd.’s brilliant new FVV-10-22N!!!

the fully automatic filling and packing machine for liquid and pastes and solid. — basically a vacum-sealer. the brochure states, " it is equipped iwth an automaic solids feeder which weight the slids into designated poly propylene cups andp laces them on a conveyor."



also from old river, the CSH22L vertical conveyor!

This amazing motherfucker pulls shit up to the top, using a corkscrew-like apparattus hidden inside the diagonal tube.


HERE is a short video clip of the wonderful asahi 3F1I1CH-BA, available from

the adorably named POLA PUF-2000, from

click here for a video

the very nice Asahi TAC-6.


video one

video two

Here is Heishin corporation’s pump, the PNV model (or possibly the PHV model but definitely not the smaller PNS. I mean, come on!) . The demonstration glop is stretchy, and capable of acting as both a solid and a liquid, but will not stick to your hands. They say most high schoolers make this in chem class! Kids were totally flocking around this plopping, oozing thing.

Okura corporation’s famous disk-sorter. meaning, it has sections that pivot, to shunt packages onto adjoining conveyor belts on the left or right side. they also make 3d conveyors that go up, down, side to side, and even upside down!!



i should also mention the indefagetable OKUI corporation (Originality, Kindness, Unlimited Impression), who specialize in the esoteric field of Printing On Plastic Stuff That Is In Weird Shapes Because It Is Wrapping For A Product Which Also Has A Weird Shape.


soukoujidou company makes a wonderfully creative counting machine! you can manually tell it how many pills to drop in a given bottle, and it actually counts them as it drops them in, and then pauses while the full bottle moves down the conveyor!! also, the pills move by means of vibrations, producing an effect that is jittery and hypnotic at the same time.

video one

video two

OK, I just done rannded out of still photos, so here are some leftover video clips for you.


video of FUSO industries co. ltd.’s HP-500

circus big-top plumbing machine

toothpaste-bottle assembler

hyper spastic rolling back and forth-er


generic mad scientist gizmo

bottle lifting robot arm

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