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interview: artist Mr. Tao

Mr. Tao is an awesome artist living and working in Tokyo. He was nice enough to let me meet him in person at a cafe, where we talked about his unique technique of making paintings. Where did you grow up? どこで育ったのですか? Obihiro in hokkaido 北海道の帯広 All your paintings have the same special technique, what is […]

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theatrical comedy-rock blowout: qp crazy, kyonyu mandala ookoku, onanie machines, asakusa jinta,

Saw one of the most amazing shows in a long time.. .. this is a whole new genre for me. . . not punk or metal but something called ROCK and ROLL. Specifically, nude, exhibitionist rock and roll with incredibly long. . .bandnames. Everyone here was like a cousin of ESSU-EMMU (s/m), the band with […]


Mr. Aida’s “Autobiography of a Gigolo”

II ONNA NO HOUSOKU is a book by MR. AIDA. It's the autobiography of a famous Japanese gigolo. I'm gonna try to translate the whole thing, but for now here's the first thrid. It was published in 2002, so it is not 100% current, but pretty close. I like it for four reasons: 1) unlike […]


Asunder (Oakland), corrupted, butcher abc, su19b, funeral moth, coffins, gallhammer

asunder and corrupted at asakusa extreme, october 9th, 2006 For some time, I’ve been worried about, how to write my concert reviews. how much detail should i go into? if i start talking about words such as `grind`, `jun-jun`, and "discharge-ish," non musicians will grow confused, but if i stop to explain every subgenre, musicians […]

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whoga, kriegshog, varus ss, psychedelic grinder

@  nishiogikubo u.e.n. studtio, free show. first band — WHOGA– If you like your grindcore improvised, your bass feeding back, and your butts large, this might be a band you should look into. if they did it for 20 minutes it would have been a little self-indulgent, but they only played a 10 minute set […]

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