Tokyo Damage Report

whoga, kriegshog, varus ss, psychedelic grinder

@  nishiogikubo u.e.n. studtio, free show.

first band — WHOGA–

If you like your grindcore improvised, your bass feeding back, and your butts large, this might be a band you should look into. if they did it for 20 minutes it would have been a little self-indulgent, but they only played a 10 minute set so it was pretty fun.






their name is a japanese/german/english pun, and the singer is a punk Consitutional scholar (as in one who researches the Constitution of a country), which that alone is enough to put them in the top 10% worldwide. but they are also tight and ferocious and sound like discharge a little. i mean, not as much as some bands, but compared to Strauss or Gerschwin, is what I am saying.

this dude is about to smash his guitar down on THE FUCKING SYSTEM and just obliterate it. all like, "ok where is that fucking system, i left it on the ground here someplace. . ." and the system is all, "AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"


AGAIN with the smashing.




these guys are really chaotic drunk-punk, with lots of feedback, a certain amount of antics, . . . and i already reviewed them a couple of times, so . . . .fuck it. less talk, more pictures of rock!!!




this band was awkward, and that is coming from me.




this was the singer’s last show. These guys are just nuts. Old school jappa-core ambience but kind of more primitive 2-riffs-per-song style. what makes them so special is everyone in the band has a very distinct way of moving — the bassist kind of leans and corkscrews his body, the drummer just makes Animal-from-the-Muppets faces nonstop, the guitarist bounces like he is made of plastic, and the singer is just in complete agony the whole time.

normally you are lucky to have one ham in a band, but this band everyone is hamming it up AND in a unique way AND their performances fit together instead of being awkaward. god they are so good!! i am going to stop writing now, get off my chair, and come to your house and laugh at you in person for not being here. what were you thinking? "oh, the new family guy is on."


the show was FREE. you have no excuse.

seriously she is like that Edvard Munch painting all sped up benny-hill style.

singer’s eye view of rock music.

check out how intense the guy in back is. he can’t play drums at all, but he is just so glad to hit things it turns out ok. i could have shot a whole camerafull of pictures of just him alone. hey, dude, Dr. Teeth wants his drummer back!!!


Miss Sayaka, singing the chorus to "the scary person song", which goes,


anyway, goodbye sayaka, and good luck with your next band.

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