Tokyo Damage Report

Asunder (Oakland), corrupted, butcher abc, su19b, funeral moth, coffins, gallhammer

asunder and corrupted at asakusa extreme, october 9th, 2006

For some time, I’ve been worried about, how to write my concert reviews. how much detail should i go into? if i start talking about words such as `grind`, `jun-jun`, and "discharge-ish," non musicians will grow confused, but if i stop to explain every subgenre, musicians will become excruciatingly bored.

Recently i have hit on a solution of awesome ingeniousness–

Instead of reviewing bands myself, i took a registered nurse to the gig and asked HER to review the bands. Although she has seen a whole bunch of dead bodies, she has never seen a heavy metal show in her life, so her opinions will be pure and unbiased. Forthwith is her frank reaction. . .





They weren`t good, they weren`t bad. I didn`t think anything about them. they had a foreigner!





I guess they were pretty normal. (!!??!!) they were a little scary. The singer even came into the crowd a little. I left in a hurry! I thought he looked like a junior high school student! Plus his feet were naked, it was strange.




I didn`t see them.





They played a really long time. The music was just so-so, except the singer bears an uncanny resemblance to Buddha, so I was marvelling at that the whole time they played. Also his singing sounded like Mongolian (Tuva throat singing), I thought.




This was the best music band! Because of the interplay between the two vocalists. The guitarist in particular really sounds like a man. Vivian has a cute face so I’m pretty jealous of her.



I must be stupid, but they were so slow, I kept thinking, when is it going to start?? I don`t remember the music at all, but the fans were amazing. Totally squirting beer every which way. Out of the mouth like a whale! It was scary and the most fun band of the evening.




That`s the band from america, right? They were ok. This band`s vocal was the loudest. They had more melody than the other bands, it was a more deep and complex emotion. When the drummer sat down I thought his septum piercing was an oxygen feed, and I kept looking for the tubes it was connected to. So I spent most of the performance laughing at my own mistake. I thought the guitarist with crutches had a fracture. Perhaps he could come to my rehabilitation center.

Asunder’s tour van–



Which band looked the healthiest?

SU19B, because he must be healthy to go around barefoot!

Which band looked like they needed to go to a hospital?

Gallhalmmer looked like they had the most trouble with health. So skinny. I thought, “are they ok?”

The guitarist from asunder has bronchitis. What is the treatment?

medicine is available, but not so important. Mostly, he should avoid things he has a sinus allergic reaction to, go where the air is clean, avoid the very dry air (Tokyo`s winter air for instance), and get some rest.

ok, hope you enjoyed the first (and last) Nurse Metal Review.



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