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translation of Kotama Osamu’s LOVE HOTEL.


yay, porn!!!! Japan is famous for its porno movies and pictures, but what about the porno novels?? To foreigners, Japanese kanji is even more difficult than mosaic. so that’s why I decided to translate some porno myself. Here is part of Kotama Osamu’s dirty serial, LOVE HOTEL. Originally published in G-MEN magazine, 2003.



-part one

"Ok, that’ll be 3000 yen."

I took the money and put it in my man-purse. Today’s customers were a threesome, so I only charged them 7000 yen. Incredibly, I recognized one of the dirty old men’s faces. . . my old friend from Junior High! Now, while doing the nervous glancing , they started to climb the emergency staircase behind me.

The back room of the love hotel I manage . . . Perhaps it’s an exaggeration to even call it a hotel. It’s worn-down, dirty and nasty. Around here many such hotels are existing. But they are cheap, so there are always many customers. Moreover, a kind of side-business is also existing, because, as a night manager, I can do it secretly. What kind of side-business exists with the dirty old men, you are asking? Ok, Ok, come with me and you will realize it expertly!

Soon, the dirty old men became to stop talking . Naturally, if one does not be quiet and follow me, one can’t participate! This back room used to store sheets, towels, and such room preparation items. Now, to send out for the cleaning, and towel washing also, has become cheap, so for a long time the room was unused . Just three months ago, I climbed the stairs to inspect it, and I realized something. From this room, the next-door love-hotel customers’ voice can be heard through a tube. And by feeling the wall, I can realize that it is merely a thin one-layer veneer apparently! So, let’s see, I’ve been listening to customers’ nasty noises forever, and nothing surprises me anymore. However, if I make this room dark, and poke a hole in the wall, the steamy and suffocating action can be witnessed! Surely witnessing is an action that can be done without the left hand, is the thought that came to my head. But, if I concentrate my eye on the light from the peephole, the neighboring room’s bed can be seen from the side absolutely!! Customers will soon, in front of my eyes, be panting and doing it. Their bodies in full view, heh heh!

By means of illegal videocameras, the customers’ sex-doing bodies I have been watching for a very long time. But now, it will become that they will be seen by me, live, with my eyes directly ha ha! I am incredibly powerful. Of course I got excited, but I am the hotel manager, and now the hole-in-the-wall manager as well! But soon my thoughts turned to money. If I take the peeping videotapes which I forgot to erase, and release them to the black market, it will become money! But, if the fellows witness such a video, they will necessarily produce a "want to peep much in person" comment, I reckon. Hey, those fellows, how much will they pay, I wonder? For the peeping? Around five or seven thousand yen, but if they become a repeater, the price will decrease if an appointment is made crucially. By such a means, it is possible to obtain three thousand yen.

"Today, what kind of female?!?"

The customer’s mouth was loose and nasty, with an appearance of sluttiness, with words coming out. I put my people-pointing finger to my lips and replied "Sh!" He made a confused face with slack jaw, looking small and quiet, while the head was lowered abruptly.

At my starting-buisness time, I had wondered about installing a magical mirror along with the sound-proofing whimsically. But,instead, I increased the secret holes to three in number, and thus I extended the range of the peeping more cheaply. But why, you wonder? Because, in the end, I want to do the real peeping directly, without mirrors, and thereby taste the thrill most accurately, to increase the level of excitement. So, once that idea stuck me, I had 20 regular customers upon which I spied day after day, with many hotel reservations. Everyone’s single breath, by the lurking hole, I could spy on; the yelling of HAA,HAA! while doing the pulling of the penis by hand, I could begin to have a means to hear accurately!


part two

The three dirty old men who came in just now, began to stand in front of the holes and commence the peeping. "Fooo! That’s a good girl," my childhood friend Mr. Yamada was, with a hoarse and scratchy voice, muttering. The other two were also heaving a sigh. I also tilted my head and heard a cute voice become possible to my ear. This back-room enterprise has already been going for three months. In that time, even though everyone is male penis stroking, the techinque is very different from person to person, I clearly realized. One man begins with the lowering of the zipper. Another, slowly and deliberately, squeezes his firming out the top of the pants. A third, as if a grand finale, with an extending yank, suddenly brandishes it. Another kind of man, without caring who sees, makes a kuchakucha sound with his saliva lubrication, in a very gaudy manner of stroking!

As soon as everyone began peeping, they earnestly pressed their eyes deep into the hole in exactly the same way. In contrast, their respective methods of masturbation were entirely different. With a fast pace , and also a very slow speed, and the various ways to peel back the foreskin, they each tugged their chinko until it was pulled and lengthened. Mostly they tried to hide it, but my eyes were drawn to the difference in their chinko shapes, even greater than the difference in their techniques.

For instance, even though somoene is a tall man, his chinko is very meager. Or, even though he is an obese fatty, or bald and ugly, (I am not mentioning my own attributes, heh heh!!) , his root can nonetleless be vast, and so on.

In the case of these three Mister Customers, well, let’s see. That Mr. Yamada from the glassmaker’s store, I’ve known him the longest, so let’s go there with our eyes. Below his drumlike belly, fat fingers are slowly and steadily making it hard by means of stroking. The foreskin is like a half-worn hat, and by the peeling-a-fruit action it returns to the top and bottom again. Speedily he is glistening and gleaming too fast.

His peeping face is as fierce as an angry attacker, but mysteriously this is the face males make when they have to emotion so much, isn’t it? No, wait, the manly-man who is feeling so strong emotion, he should be stoic nonetheless, I think.

" He’s probably been a huge pervert ever since our young-brat-era." I unthinkingly muttered to myself. I found them looking back at me mysteriously. So I went to each in turn and to shush them. But this time , I merely pressed my finger to my lips.

They are still entirely concentrating on their small holes. The shapes of chinkos which, From the trousers, are tugged out deliberately, are their most important, essential, honor and prestige. I don’t know why, but , for some reason, and not to be rude, but. . . I enjoy the goodness of it.

I’m not ‘that way.’ Honestly, it’s the truth. But, for many years I’ve spied on men and women fornicating overly, and I am weary of it. And so, recently very much , while I am watching the dirty old man who is engrossed in recieving the penis-touching, I find myself becoming to think hornily of strange feelings. That kind of fat thing in my mouth, how would it feel? No, no, that’s nonsense. Don’t think about foolish things. Stop it!

The three men went home, and I also returned to the hotel’s work-room. The young man who is working here recently, called Inuzuka, stood up to greet me and politely lowered his head. "You must be tired, Boss."

He is in his twenties, so he’s still young, and scared of me it seems. Always very earnest and deferential in his speech. I have never done anything scary to him, but still. . . with my large guild and bald head, I must seem like a thundering old man for sure!

But even so, today’s young man clerk has a very good shape. His face is handsome, and body appearance as well as legs is long. As for myself, who looks like a big body and short legs, it is such a big difference! Surely, his chinko must also be vast, I assume. Before I know it, my thoughts have returned to this direction. I drink my tea and shake my head in puzzlement. No way, no way! what kind of thought process is this???

part 3!!

And, so one day, this next thing happened!! A rare customer came in by himself at that time. His also was a face I recognized: the old man who ran the building contractor’s company, with a speakeasy in the back, of whom there were for some reason many rumors that he was nestled with the Yakuza. He showed up suddenly, and I received the money by him with satisfaction.

"Ok, then, that’s 3000 yen."

"Thank you."

We climbed the emergency stairs to the storage room , and I pointed out one of the holes to him, for his education of it. The contractor man smirked and stood in front of the wall and peeped in the hole. What kind of chinko did he posess, I inadvertently wondered in spite of myself, and kept a close watch on the front of his trousers. Right then, "What the hell is that?!?!" he said in a hugely large voice which came out of him. I became flustered and said "SH!" while putting my people-pointing-at-finger to my lips, but he only drew close to me with an angry face. "What the hell is that ugly woman, who is furthermore completely an old lady, isn’t she?" The old man grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and made me to peep thoroughly. I had no choice but to look around the customer’s room, and then a middle aged and already overweight, precisely unnatractive auntie-type-of-lady, who was exposed, going into the bathtub which had many stains, is what I saw!!

"indubitably she is ugly, yes!" I said.

"Don’t be so impressed by her! In this situation, are you telling me that I can possibly masturbate?"

"Shh! Your voice is so loud!"

"By means of promising the real and live peeping, you took my 3000 yen, yo! Even though you have no fellatio service!"

He must have mistaken my love hotel for a brothel somehow.

"Fellatio service, you said? At this hotel, the female which has been prepared for such an occasion does not exist. At this time, the real peeping is available only!"

"But, look here, you bastard, it is possible for you to do it yourself!"

Nonetheless the old man was still continuing to peep intently while muttering his complaints.

I also was observing the interior through a different hole. The overweight auntie-lady was spreading her very furry pussy open as she got on the bed. Her partner with the equally unpromising body was a man in his thirties. Possibly they, the team whom nobody wants to see naked, were meant for each other in that respect!

"That’s just terrible! It is impossible to erect!" he was still muttering. Meanwhile, from his workman’s trousers, the apparently fat thing was tugged out, by means of stroking which was also being done. But sure enough, it was only half hard, if that. The old man whose face was just as rugged and scary as myself, suddenly became quaint and pathetic, with his half-soft chinko and lonely facial expression.

"Hey, this place’s worker is also acceptable, therefore, the lady who works here will give me fellatio, won’t she?!"

"Around 10,000 yen will be paid, no problem. Isn’t there even roughly one lady here?"

"Since this action has been spoken of, I can tell you that there is only myself and the male clerk, so. . . ."

"He’s a young fellow? If so, it will feel the same so long as I don’t look at his face."

As he said this crazy and wild idea, his true nature was displayed on his face. The words of reply were unknown to me. "Speaking of jobs, such kind of action, is not part of ours. As if we were faggots, who would suck the male’s penis!!"

"I’ll pay 10,000 yen, I tell you!"

"It is not a money issue!"

"if that is the case, mr. Owner, then, you can give me it yourself."

My eyes widened, I could not think, and I pointed to my own face while unfortunately cocking my head to the side wonderingly. The old man annoyingly nodded his head in agreement!! "To the extent of fellatio, give it to me. That much is your duty, you know!"

"D— Duty? Me??"

Even though he is linked to Yakuza, normally I would fly into a fit of rage and cuss him out incredibly. "You bastard, don’t go so far with making a fool of me!" and so on. And yet, at this time, I was weakened by a mysterious feeling. Sucking merely in the capacity of doing my job, he said. Even though I am not a girl he’ll settle for me. With a man like that, if he is sucked, he is happy no matter who it is. Therefore. . .

"Hey, Boss, how about it? This lady is so ugly,and old!"

The old man still had his eye pressed to the hole, and was in the middle of his peeping. With his mouth, he muttered, "Ugly bitch, ugly bitch," but persisted in stroking himself nonetheless. Somehow or other, the head was beginning to rise up. For some reason in my mouth, the saliva began to accumulate. "It’s just for money. Another category of business for me," I advised myself over and over again.

The at-the-hole-spying profile of the old man’s face I watched, and then slowly and timidly my body bent down and gripped his chinko . Even so, he continued to stare straight ahead. Well now, like that, I suppose. He can’t possibly want to see a gritty old man like me sucking down there. So, if no one is watching me suck, I thought to myself, my resistance becomes tiny. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, and his half-hard chinko I resolutely swallowed.

"Oh! That’s good. To receive the blowing in exactly this manner!"

"U. Nn!" I can’t believe I am actually myself a man’s chinko sucking; I never thought it would come to this? It is hard to acknowledge the reality!

But still, this salty feeling, this odor, the sensation of it on my tongue. . . it is very savory, I must admit! "Nn, n. Ha. Nu."

"Aa. Yess, the hardness is possible now, in my kinkin."

The old man began to utilize my hair a little, and move his hips with tiny flourishes. The firm clump of meat was sliding in my lips, and then rampaging around in the center of my mouth! The pre-cum taste was, together with spit, flowing down my throat . The matted-down fur of his crotch, which tickled the tip of my nose, was the source of a amazing odor. It was not entirely the stench of sweat, however, there was a manly humid thigh odor as well. At this, my nose holes opened wide and sucked it in. Why in the world am I becoming to have a hard and firm feeling? It must be the taste of the man’s chinko. The sucking action, the head which looms in front of me, aah, in the end it is so apt!

"Ha, ha, go! Already I appear to be going, there! There! Just a little more. Fu! Fu!"
In my mouth the chinko burrowed, while becoming harder. The juice will come out soon, won’t it? To my surprise, I realized, for some reason, the thick spew was about to vomit out. But, the old man’s hand gripped my neck firmly and I could not receive the releasing from him!

"N! NN!"

"Stay still! It appears that I am about to go!"


In the back of my throat, the thing, which I can’t even say how thick and strong the flavor was, was clinging and sticking. I immidiately went into a distressful and strenuous coughing fit, after which I found that I had inadvertently swallowed the the entire thing! A gulping cry escaped my shameful throat. After he confirmed my swallowing of the juice, the old man’s hand’s strength fell off, and some slime drooled out of my mouth with a "zuru zuru" sound.

"N, nn."

I shut my throat but it was too late (lit. `the festival was already over.`)
Without making a series of shameful sounds, It was impossible to vomit it back up.
The old man did not even look at me, as he adjusted his clothing. He stowed away his chinko and did his belt expertly.

"hey, Mr. Boss, good job."
"Ah, hey! about the money?"
"Huh? Did you really think I’d pay you? You said it was service! Plus, I won’t pay anything for an old nasty-looking man like you!"

Those words actually came out of his mouth!

I wiped off my mouth while leaving the room. . .That old man decieved all my money, so I fairly galloped down the stairs after him. Absolutely my head was spinning. My mouth had been pumped into and I was made to drink it?!? Also, the money was not handed to me in return!

"You bastard! Next time it won’t be free!!!!"

In a fit of anger, I kicked over the metal fence, and flew down. That hurt, which made the anger to be shown on my face even more!

But, the man-taste which remained on my tongue, made it so difficult to really fly into the fit of anger successfully.

With my puking breath, the man’s juice-flavor was mixed in the taste now. And the feeling of the chinko rampaging around my mouth, was not able to be forgotten also!

That taste, the elasticity and spring of the meat, the extent of fatness of it, the sliminess.

The leftover dangling skin which slid in and out of my lips, also had a feeling of excellence. No, no, I am different from a demon like him!
That such an activity, could be excellent, there is no way!
But, hey, um, that is ok?

No. it is not like that. Or . . .





part five!

The following day.

The "for-a-long-time always-coming-and-peeping customer", kind of old men, again three of them came. Because they were usual customers, I received money speedily and briskly walked up stairs with them. They did not make small talk of the worldly matters, and for some reason, I felt that everyone was watching me and snickering or meowing. "What is that about?" I thought, but, without hearing any sound from them, we arrived at the secret room.

"Today, what will happen?"

They muttered to themselves, while each pressing their eyes to the holes. With an un-floating face I thought that today’s work is not so fun. But even so, they are my neighbors, and so they would never ask for a refund or complain about the ugly women!

"What?" I said in a small voice.

That guy also in a small voice replied: ". . .Service, I am requesting. . ."


"Fellatio, it is. Fellatio service."

Suddenly my face made an expression like "Ka???" and I felt feverish. I almost tried to reply with words, but only my mouth moved with an empty plopping sound. I could not discover the words!
"Na, na, na. . . ."

"I heard about it. It’s free, right? Since there is no fee, in that case it’s good, I think!" As he said it, he self-consciously tilted his head at an angle. Meanwhile the other two were also seeing the conversation of us. All three had awareness of yesterday’s actions, because of that idiot!!

"Hey, I requested it!"

My face was suppressed by him, and tugged suddenly. Myself, promptly to shake him off and deliver a wallop, I considered it! But, right before my eyes, I fundementally turned towards that thing which had become fat, the shiny black chinko I beheld. Shamefully, I was paralyzed with indecision, and then I was grabbed by the scruff of the neck and forced to crouch. A black thing was slapping my cheeks. It felt like a huge collission!!

Reflexively, I opened my mouth. "N, nu."

"Haa. It’s really cool, isn’t is? One can’t even realize it is a man doing it!"

He raised his head and again returned to peeping as normal. The other two also peeped while doing the shoko-shoko motion of masturbation. Myself who is here, although doing the man’s-thing-sucking-action, was not overly worried, for some reason.
I am the only one here kneeling, with the salty thing being crammed in my solitary mouth.

What in the world am I doing, I thought. But, in the middle of my mouth, the flavor of the rampaging-around black shiny thing, it made me have such a feeling I can’t explain! In the final analysis, it is excellent. Why should the chinko of a male be excellent, I can’t understand, but, at any rate and excellent thing is necessairly awesome, so there you go. The feeling of it, churning and stirring up the middle of my mouth, was irresistable. This guy is doing less of a stale urine smell than yesterday’s Yakuza, but even the small extent of his stale urine smell forced the excitement on me.

"U. Ua. Nn."

"Ha, ha! I am leaking! I leaked unfortunately!!!!"

In the middle of my mouth, the shiny black thing got even harder. The hand which was forcing my throat open, grabbed with bigger force. The slippery and thick thing was rubbed and entered through my lips! Once again I am being done to in such a manner. No good, no good! I thought to myself, but I was unable to spit it out. And suddenly, with a DOBA sound, my mouth was stretched out by his juice inadvertently!!

"N. Nnn!"

"Ha, haaa. That was fortunate! Hold it like that for a little longer and give me the licking. Like that. Give me the sucking of it! Uu."

It was said to me, while I blew on the withering chinko. The man’s flavor which was streching out my mouth continued to amass, so I could not help but swallow it inside. Oh no, not again! But, it tasted a little different from yesterday’s Yakuza-man. Come to think of it, everyone’s juice flavor must be distinctive. But like I said, an excellent thing is excellent, no matter the details.

"Oi! The next customer is waiting, therefore speedily perform it!"

the next-hole-peeping man grabbed the scruff of my neck and tugged roughly. With a sound of ZURUNN, the now-limp chinko slipped out from my mouth and soon a firm one was moistening my upper lip.

"Open your mouth, like that, like that, Use your tongue."

He was a man whose shiny black was not so vastly huge, but it produced many pre-cum (literally "impulsively-running") nonetheless!

My mouth was pierced, and the slime was also licked. The hole from which urine emerges, more and more, the pre-cum flowed out. It was excellent, but how many times did a small cry escape shamefully my passionate throat?

"Oo. Shit, that girl, She is irresistable"
He was not speaking of my actions. Really, through the hole, he was seeing the doing-it couple. Even as he became very worked up about the female, he was flagrantly shaking his chinko in my mouth and moving his hips with a GUI GUI motion. The leftover skin was against my lips rubbing. I was overcome with the feeling which is irresistable.

"O. Oo. It’s going out!"

after that, my neck was also tugged by the remaining single man also, and in the end, on that day, three old men’s juice I was made to drink. It is the fault of my adaptation to it, that the drinking did not have a bad feeling altogether!! In fact, during the time when I was made to drinkg the third man, somehow, heartrendingly,my own chinko was, against the top of my trousers, pressed steadfastly.

After the three left, I returned to the break room. That the still-half-erect chinko was not visible against the seam of my trousers, I was double-checking, while opening the door. Why is the clerk Inuzuka’s body not seen here?? My eyes turned to the bathroom door, but the lights were out in there.

"Where has that idiot gone now?"

While vociferously yelling, the security camera TV I looked at. For an instant, my own yes were doubted!!! In the reflected TV image of one of the customer’s rooms, Inuzuka’s body had been spread out on the bed by a team of two dirty old men!

"What are they doing, those bastards! It’s really waking up a nuisance feeling in me!"

(to find out what they are doing, you will have to wait until part 5 unfortunately.)

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