Tokyo Damage Report

“toilets last live” at shinjuku penta studio: no futures, daddy longfeet too!

"noise punk" gig. 2 days. In a rehearsal studio.



the bass player (in disguise as doraemon) got fiendishly drunk and spent most of the night loudly declaring "I love wetty cunt!" in the general direction of some Italian tourists. When you think about it, drunk punks act the same as drunk businessmen.


this is THE band. the most retarded, dangerous, fun, chaotic band right now. They generally start the show with an intentionally boring slow and apathetic version of the sex pistols "no future," before transforming into a japanese band and going nuts. The dude at the extreme right of this photo was so wonderful. By which I mean, he was so loaded he lacked the coordinaiton to hold a beer can. the can fell, and he picked it up. upside down. the beer all pouring out onto the floor and his pants. just oblivious. all trying to drink out of the bottom of the can. all confused that he can’t find the hole.

anyway, here is their site. if you want to go to tokyo make sure and schedule your vacation around their live shows.


here’s the guitarist kicking a lying-on-the-ground motherfucker for no reason.




oi music. daddy long feet site.


the vocalist is not only a total maniac on stage but he’s pretty funny offstage. Kept asking me to refer to him as Nixon. "My name is Nixon!" Some girl asked him "are you in a band?" he was all, "of course not!" i was like, oh, that’s why you are nixon. you lie all the time. he was like, ho shit, white boy got a brain.


zero squad!!!



kawagoe Swankys!!!

these guys had the same drummer from no futures, but they sound more like cheap trick. no futures is drunken chaos but this band was more like "drunk and spend like 10 minutes tuning and then stare at the wall a lot." NOT SO GOOD.

Also, I have been informed by people who know a damn thing, that SWANKYS is a famous 80s Japanese punk band. And authors of such fine songs as "she will not live" and "we are the refined white cats." The band pictured above, merely added their hometown’s name to the name of a band they like. Sort of like if I called my band THE SANTA ROSA RAMONES or THE OTHER BEYONCE or something. Far from a rip-off, this band is very forward-thinking. In a way, it’s kind of like a franchise, isn’t it?

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