Tokyo Damage Report


although it’s in tokyo’s ‘wacky fashion’ neighborhood, this parade is not, as you might expect, a bunch of cosplay kids or glam rock lolitas. it was a bunch of little kids with their parents. because after all, for cosplay kids, everyday is haloween. the parade started off with an asian-style marching band.

then came the busty pink reindeer -slash- bellydancers -slash – whatever the hell they were, and the other dancers who i think were Altoids or seaweed or something. after that, kids.

forget the reindeer in the baby carriage. look at Daddy for a second.

a common theme in this parade was; parents who were WAAY more into it than the kids.

the other theme was DOGS. dogs had their own section. as per my rant about japanese bunny-maniacs, dogs are treated like fashion accessories or toys all year round, so it would make sense to use them in a costume parade. for instance, the PUG TRIPLET PRINCESSES:

If you know David Sedaris, send him a link to this picture.

angel-and-devil dogs.

and then, a bunch of witches and a dog in a wheelchair. bringing up the rear is a guy in a dog suit.

and finally, this kid just had the best costume:

isn’t that totally amazing? but my little man was TOTALLY not feeling the parade. he didn’t want to be there. maybe his dad was like this anime nerd who was all like, ‘son, you’re going to dress up like a socially maladjusted manga character at least once a year and you’ll like it! my house my rules! ‘

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