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2006 design festa FASHION

design festa winter 2006 fashion i tried without much success to tell him his shirt proclaimed the wholesale destruction of a major metropolis, not just an affection for dancing. he was having none of it. this guy was hands-down the winner. not of design festa. of LIFE. i caught him like literally seconds before we […]

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Santarchy 2006

  santa rampage 2006!!! december 23, tokyo. First, a brief introduction to the concept of the Rampage, or SANTARCHY as it is sometimes known. It first began around San Francisco about 15 or so years ago, as a comedy-protest against consumerism and the way Xmas is shoved down everyone’s throats starting in Thanksgiving. Santas would […]

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“Inshallah” comic book

Japan is gonna get it this time. . . remember that scenario way back in 2005, when some Danes printed cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, and then Muslims around the entire world blew shit up and had a riot?   Well, imagine how they are going to react when they find out about THIS. . […]

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TDR’s dictionary of awkward Japanese

  Hey Gaijin! Whether you want to a quick exit to a boring conversation, you are a political shit-disturber, or you are just tired of "naughty" Japanese dictionaries that are basically just cuss words, here is the thing for you; The DICTIONARY OF AWKWARD JAPANESE. Guaranteed to bring any conversation to a screeching halt, the […]


2006 winter design festa

design festa winter 2006 december 2-3, at tokyo big sight Design Festa is a twice-annual event full of people whose hobby is art. mostly paintings and illustration, but lots of costumes, sculpture, video, stuffed animals, and so on. the artists are there in person at their booths, so you can talk to them.   general […]

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understanding the japanese

  Foreigners are often confused by various aspects of japan, constantly asking themselves, "Why is it like this?" every time they see a robot sumo in a maid costume or whatever. In fact, there’s a whole host of books dedicated to answering this very question. It takes them like a million pages, but I can […]

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