Tokyo Damage Report

“Inshallah” comic book

Japan is gonna get it this time. . . remember that scenario way back in 2005, when some Danes printed cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, and then Muslims around the entire world blew shit up and had a riot?


Well, imagine how they are going to react when they find out about THIS. . .

a comic that takes a Islamic holy word– Inshallah – as its title. Aaaaand the comic is all about, you knew this, hot gay sex. As befitting an Islamic porno, the title is translated into Japanese thusly :

in – 淫 – lewd

sha – 射  – injeciton

ra - 裸 – naked

To be fair, Inshallah is not a super-duper-holy word. Apparenty it means "if Allah wills it" and it is used in casual conversation. But still, "lewd naked injection?" I am not an Imam by any means, but I doubt that Allah wills a lot of lewd naked injections between dudes. Especially when the dudes appear to be christians:

. . . as the back cover would indicate. So, you may ask, could this possibly be more offensive to Muslims?

answer is. . . ummmm. . . .

. . .yes. It’s kiddie porn.

This could not. Possibly. Be. More. Offensive. To heavily-armed and suicidal people with very strong ideas about religion.

Wait. No. . What if it was Japanese pedophiles chanting "inshallah" during a 3-way reach-around with Salman Rushdie on top of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s corpse, as a pop-up book. Pretty sure that would be more offensive. But still that does not mess up my original point, which is that if you are a heavily-armed and suicidal person with strong ideas about lewd naked injections, stuff does NOT HAVE TO BE THAT FUCKING OFFENSIVE to get you to snap. that is the whole POINT of being a heavily-armed and etc.

That being the case, you gotta ask yourself, exactly how much of this comic book is really necessary for hot, gay sex, and how much of it is intentionally trying to start some kind of international incident. Maybe the author is a "terrorist fetishist" who can’t get off until his or her country is bombed by really hot guys.

On the other hand, maybe the author is some kind of manga nerd person who lives in a fantasy world, and honestly has no idea that this kind of imagery could start a fucking war.

Not such a dumb assumption, actualy. I mean, what are the chances that someone outside the gay-manga-nerd community would even find such a book?

let alone post scans of the book to the internet?

Along with detailed explanations of why it is offensive?

Where any militant Muslim cleric Googling gay porn in his spare time could find them?

I mean, the odds of that are almost a million to one.

False alarm.

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