Tokyo Damage Report

2006 design festa FASHION

design festa winter 2006 fashion

i tried without much success to tell him his shirt proclaimed the wholesale destruction of a major metropolis, not just an affection for dancing. he was having none of it.

this guy was hands-down the winner. not of design festa. of LIFE. i caught him like literally seconds before we left the event. i snapped some shots and was like, ok, i can go home now.

check out the detail — it has got to be like the underside of a carpet or a curtain. i mean how many things can that be?


this artist (above) made the wedding dress shown in the other design festa page.

next, on sunday, a tribe of about 15 drummers played. they were mostly women in their mid forties with huge muscles.


on saturday there was a "normal" fashion show. . .


. . . and a parade !

please click here to read my report about the event, and non-fasion photos.

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