Tokyo Damage Report

Jan 2007 engrish

engrish 2007


cannibal decapitated bridal salon —

what do you think happened to women who went to MAIM?? harhar…



Back in the late-ninties we were going to make a very half-assed supervillain called THE MUDDLER. he had a moustache.


two engrish for the plice of one!

this month’s POPTEEN— herpes makeup! Think I’m joking? let’s look closer —

I guess that DODA is only funny if you’re from SF or if you have a serious historical interest in antique fake boobs.


our hotel in hakkone was such a posh joint, it even had custom towels with what i swear is a Samurai version of the Ralph Lauren Polo guy.

even more random, we passed this minivan with a $YNDACATE sticker. i mean, even ICE-T stickers are vanishingly rare, but in Asia, in the middle of nowhere, in 2006, to find a fucking $YNDICATE sticker?

curious to know more about this strange person who likes minivans and big pimping, i looked inside. The following picture just barely documents the contents — if you look really close you can see Winnie the Pooh inside. Actually there was over 5 Pooh dolls.

THe punchline? on the front dashboard was one of those "NO ANAL SEX" plaques designed to prevent aids and ecourage homophobia back in the 80s. Man, Pooh-san has problems.


speaking of problems, here is one more

this next one, while not exactly "engrish", is nonetheless. . . . something that would probably not go over too well as a billboard in america.:


"we love the public bath! everyone is happy in the warm water.

finally, . . .


the classic "NO FARTING ON THE FUNICULAR" sign.


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