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Lo*silo and Mumu in Inokashira!

jan 22, 2007 – prog bands in Inokashira!!



The first band was named Mumu, the nickname of the drummer/composer.

You heard of math-rock? Well this dude is an actual professional mathemetician — a professor at Tokyo University. So when he writes some hard shit it is really fuckin’ hard, all lab-coat slide-rule style. It’s more jazz than I expected. Like heads – the beginning and ends of the songs – are all mathy, but in between, it’s all solos and shit. Most metal bands try to get all crazy by playing 7/8 or 11/8 or whatever, which is fine. I do that too. But Mumu gets even weirder: instead of changing up how many eighth notes make up a measure, he keeps the measures the same length AND SPEEDS UP OR SLOWS DOWN THE NOTES to fit more or less notes in a measure. This technique is called "Rhythmic subdivision." You know who uses this technique a lot? Zappa.


He (mumu) is fond of polyrhythms as well – like the drums are in 3 but the keyboard is in 5, and the trombone is just soloing all over the place.

I can’t stand Jazz or solos, but I liked the heads, plus the second song was rad – had an intro that sounded like the end part of Metallica’s ONE.



le * silo!!!!!!!!!

Le Silo were the next band. They did their thing – I already reviewed them like 3 times so look it up.

Oh wait, their friend Naoeika has a YOUTUBE page of videos of them. That should be better.




Finally was a band called MU-SILO, which featured all the members of both bands playing at the same time. Half of it was improv (the bad half) and the rest of the time they played Mr. Mu’s music.


It was a trip to see so many musicians on a stage, so i made some panorama photos :

click on the 2 below to enlarge them. rock.






The show was at a "jazz bar" — basically a low stage with tiny tables and comfy chairs around it, and sexxxxxy mood lighting. I don’t know how to act at that kind of bar- nobody claps or moves or tries to stagedive or nothing. I just tried to keep still figuring maybe that that would avoid faux pas. I managed to not get yelled at, but still – i wonder how the performers in these bands feel when their audience ON A GOOD DAY doesn’t move or cheer. I mean, that’s normal for jazz, but still, what the hell? I guess since jazz and MuSilo’s brand of prog use a lot of improvisation, the musicians try to entertain each other by improvising wildly, to compensate for the audience not bringing anything to the table. That is just a theory i pulled out of my ass.


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