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More engrish 2007

For those of you who might be thinking of moving to Japan (or even those of you who MOVED to japan) but worry that Engrish will grow boring after a while. . . . i have good news.   It doesn’t.     I guess that DODA is only funny if you’re from SF or […]

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Rumors about the new Harry Potter

  RUMORS ABOUT THE NEW HARRY POTTER I was on an airplane, and every single person was reading the same book. I ain’t never read me no Harry Potter, but I knew that people were all speculating what would happen in this book. I whiled away the hours on the flight, imagining my fellow passengers […]

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some funny-ass buildings around suginami-ku.

the "rabbit tits building", southeast of Ogikubo station on omekaido ave. I especially love how one of the "nipples" is missing. . . like some hentai cat-burgular fuckin’ eloped with it. Or something.   if you leave Kouenji station and walk east until you hit the freeway called KANNANADORI, you’ll see this crazy dude who […]

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