Tokyo Damage Report

some funny-ass buildings around suginami-ku.

the "rabbit tits building", southeast of Ogikubo station on omekaido ave.

I especially love how one of the "nipples" is missing. . . like some hentai cat-burgular fuckin’ eloped with it. Or something.


if you leave Kouenji station and walk east until you hit the freeway called KANNANADORI, you’ll see this crazy dude who looks like some dice in mid-tumble:

here’s a close-up of the pattern if you want a kind of wackily oppressive desktop background:

right next to him is this remarkable thing:

further south on Kannanadori is this weirdo–

all weird circular balconies on one side, crazy protruding windows on the other. . .

and in between the two is this playground with a rocking Moore sculpture of a jungle-gym



. . . and also, this taxi joint. the famous vertical parking garages of Japan are usually indoors so it’s hard to check them out but here is a modest example.


further southwest, on omekaido street near the southern terminus of Look Mall, is this dude with his CRAZY ROBOT SPINAL COLUMN OF A FIRE ESCAPE.


if you go to the kannana / okubodori intersection and turn west, you’ll soon come to this thing —

basically it is a grand piano on stilts.

with a garden in the middle, and – get this – the entrance is a glass cylinder containing a door and a staircase! (that’s it on the left side)

in sumida-ku, near asakusa station,

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