Tokyo Damage Report

More engrish 2007

For those of you who might be thinking of moving to Japan (or even those of you who MOVED to japan) but worry that Engrish will grow boring after a while. . . . i have good news.


It doesn’t.



I guess that DODA is only funny if you’re from SF or if you have a serious historical interest in antique fake boobs.


our hotel in hakkone was such a posh joint, it even had custom towels with what i swear is a Samurai version of the Ralph Lauren Polo guy.

even more random, we passed this minivan with a $YNDACATE sticker. i mean, even ICE-T stickers are vanishingly rare, but in Asia, in the middle of nowhere, in 2006, to find a fucking $YNDICATE sticker?

curious to know more about this strange person who likes minivans and big pimping, i looked inside. The following picture just barely documents the contents — if you look really close you can see Winnie the Pooh inside. Actually there was over 5 Pooh dolls.

THe punchline? on the front dashboard was one of those "NO ANAL SEX" plaques designed to prevent aids and ecourage homophobia back in the 80s. Man, Pooh-san has problems.


speaking of problems, here is one more

this next one, while not exactly "engrish", is nonetheless. . . . something that would probably not go over too well as a billboard in america.:


"we love the public bath! everyone is happy in the warm water.

finally, . . .


the classic "NO FARTING ON THE FUNICULAR" sign.

2/15 engrish roundup

. . . because when you think Tarantino, the first two things which come to mind is "clean" and "safe."


so is this the door for a beauty salon or a brothel?

"no-tattoos’ sign outside the public bath.

this was in a harajuku UFO catcher, and it so perfectly epitomizes the Japanese abiliby to combine things to excess. Is it santa-dressed-as-Pooh-san-dressed-as-grim reaper?

or grim-reaper-dressed-as-pooh-dressed-as-santa?

or. . .??????


best punk flyer in a while.




and who can forget. . .THE DISGUSTIES.




"on that airplane, the broken destruction has already been measured!!!"



basement jaxx world tour. coming to a town near you.



Noam Chomsky in the Juvenile Fiction section at Tower records, Shibuya.


speaking of icons, has anyone noticed that Achewood’s TODD SQUIRREL

looks exactly like the mascot from Japanese cellphone company AU?

i was like, "Oh shit, Todd’s Big In Japan!"



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