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Political speeches with stagediving

it’s election time in Tokyo! the closer we get to touhyoubi (voting day), the more politicians come around with their sendenka (irritating fucking loudspeaker trucks), and the louder they get. Motherfuckers come into my little-ass neighborhood like 10 times a day disturbing the peace. The front of every train station is also infested with these […]

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Childrens’ anti-drug posters @ Nakano station

Tokyo Damage Report is proud to present the first annual, "anti-drug posters drawn by junior-high school students" design awards!! the posters were posted in Nakano JR Train Station, in March 2007   the runners-up: even one time is not permitted!! the hallucinations are a sick condition!   that one time will damage you! (the rarest […]

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alamode / tokyo decadance combo special!

SUNDAY APRIL 15 – TOKYO UNDERGROUND WEEKEND three events in one! 2 nd floor was TOKYO DECADANCE, fourth floor was A LA MODE NIGHT, and 7 th was something called TOKYO PERVE. I admit, I didn’t take a lot of pictures. Normally my excuse is, a) alcohol, or b) sheer misanthropy. But this time, the […]

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April Fools’ day graveyard hanami punk show

APRIL FOOL’S DAY LIVE   what’s better than regular hanami (cherry blossom viewing)? PUNK HANAMI! what’s better than regular punk hanami? punk hanami in a graveyard at night!! what’s even better than that? punk graveyard hanami with live music all no-permission style!! the absurdity of this was not lot on the promoter, mr. Ma-chan: he […]

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