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April Fools’ day graveyard hanami punk show



what’s better than regular hanami (cherry blossom viewing)? PUNK HANAMI!

what’s better than regular punk hanami? punk hanami in a graveyard at night!!

what’s even better than that? punk graveyard hanami with live music all no-permission style!!

the absurdity of this was not lot on the promoter, mr. Ma-chan: he deliberately scheduled it on APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!

game, set, and match!!

the setting was Aoyama cemetary- in a particular corner where some really tall cherry trees came together to form a roof maybe 30 feet over our heads.



Not terribly interesting punk rock, but very noisy and so rhythm-driven it sort of reminded me of some shit the ruins might have done if they were less prog.


HITOsarai (human kidnapping)

Really awful one-man “noise”: dude just sat down and hit pedals. There was no flow, just random pedal sounds punctuated by awkward silence, then a new noise, more silence, then a third sound. Probably a full third of it was 60hz hum. Then just as suddenly as it started it was over. You could have like some pigs walk back and forth over pedals randomly turning them on and not only would it sound just as good but it would be way more awesome to watch. Especially if the pigs got panicked by the noise and ran more and more rapidly, which they almost certainly would. Fuck! Why don’t people do this?”?!?!?




Really good, furious hardcore. Kind of like discharge, simple riffs played with a d-beat. I liked how you could actually hear what they were playing. Didn’t like how none of the songs had cool breaks. Why are breaks so hard, people??

this picture was taken with help from a drop of rain, which gave the drummer this perfect ACCIDENTAL ASTRONAUT HELMET! APRIL FOOLS!



This “noise punk” band, named I guess after the miles davis song, was just improvised music played with punk instruments. But since the musicians didn’t even try to communicate with one another, it was just horrible hippy wankery with jazz pretensions. Plus the guitar and bass faced away from the audience the whole time and had no show. The drummer was furious, though. The singer, ma-chan, was pretty charismatic and made a big show of agony, screaming and thrashing around in the dirt like he was going to die.




Another “noise punk” band. they put on more of a show than maisha, with two standing drummers plus a noise guy striking crazy poses. They were the kind of band where they break a lot of shit and you wonder if they will attack you. Plus a huge bass tone like from jungle music that seemed to come out of nowhere. But the singer was trying to be all scary and angsty but all he did was step on one light bulb and kind of yell all punky-style so it was not convincing. If he would have made eye contact with anyone even once it would have been a bit better.




The bushman’s impotence’s noise-guy’s solo noise band. it was fucking awesome : everything you want in a noise performance!! The dude moved around, put on a show, had home-made instruments, and made weird-ass noises all mad-scientist-experiment style by holding shit up next to other shit and magnetic waves passing from one to the other made eerie humming noises depending on the angle. Plus everything was run through tons of echo so that there was a rhythm that tied together all the different noises, and they blended nicely.

the graveyard was also pretty awesome —

midnight hanami!!

scary deserted alley!


spoooky graves!!

tree shillouettes!

and of course, in the background, the myhical PHANTOM DENNY’S that haunts the graveyard….


Then I go to TGIF’s in shibuya and attack a salad with ferocity. I don’t know why tgif’s in Japan seem so sleazy. I would love to see a soap opera featuring all the kids that work there, though. They all look so over-confident, garrulous, with these eerie “knowing smiles” . . .which could be because they know like physics equations or peloponesian history but probably they have a knowing smile because they knew they fucked their way through the whole east coast of Australia/ Hawaii last year and that is their impression of Westerners.


Anybody else notice that vibe? is that an only-in-japan thing or is it a worldwide TGIF phenomenon? I’m asking.


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