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spring 2007 design festa

design festa summer 2007 This one was kind of a bummer – way more normal bummer people with boring bummer fashion, and tame unmemorable art, and even the performances were devoid of danger. There were some good moments though, like this insane painting: and this easel: the pattern in the background is corrugated cardboard. the […]

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how not to buy furniture in Japan

  HOW TO NOT BUY FURNITURE IN JAPAN:   APRIL 28 TH: go to major department store TOKYU HANDS and look at furniture. You notice the huge sign reading “ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: NEXT WEEK IS GOLDEN WEEK SO YOU SHOULD BUY NOW.” Unfortunately, this handy sign a) exists only in your mind, and b) only exists […]

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2007 may engrish

SORRY FOR NO WEBPAGE IN A WHILE. I moved and just now got internet. The new house was chosen for a variety of reasons. First, the neighborhood, 千駄ヶ谷 , literally means “one thousand lame valleys.” (alternate reading: “one thousand unacceptable ravines.”)   Second, you can actually look outside the front lobby of the house and […]

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golden week world punk festival: gauze, world burns to death

  VIVISICK       PISS CHRIST From Australia, although the singer is a ethnic Chinese from Malaysia.   the singer was on some Iggy Pop shit. boom! total pro-wrestling style He spent most of the time in the audience, or rather over the audience, singing from the top of the mob.   MUKEKA DI […]

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