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spring 2007 design festa

design festa summer 2007

This one was kind of a bummer – way more normal bummer people with boring bummer fashion, and tame unmemorable art, and even the performances were devoid of danger. There were some good moments though, like this insane painting:

and this easel:

the pattern in the background is corrugated cardboard. the easel is like an inch tall. and neither is this an exercise in making stuff small just to show off one’s talent: Japanese have been writing stuff on their purikura (print club cards) since like forever, and so this wise-ass made an easel special for that!



(her afro has a sign on it saying "please touch")

new artist roundup :

innocent girl – does these really creepy pitchers in a traditional japanese style, but depicting modern-day japanese psycho killer true-crime women.

mad city — the genius. at previous shows he did "altered" porno magazines and nazi doraemons, but this time he showed videos, two of which are on youtube.



other videos (not yet on youtube): him thinking of novel ways to wipe his ass outdoors using naturally moving surfaces — , a sort of anal Parcour.

a video where he just yells at old ladies "stop stealing!!! ill call the police!!"

a video where he plays the role of a pretentious artist who claims that shitting so the turd is only halfway in the toilet bowl is a legitimate art form, and debates all socratic-style with an unseen art critic. the dude has class.


okanotion – like a nutty superhero team but done with a "new school vynyl toy" style.

jinkushindoryu — wacky japanese t-shirt sellers. the page has 15 designs on it, and to go to the next page, click on the lower right corner.


dokuotome – (poison girl) – the only person i ever met at D. F. who drew real women (not skinny ones with huge boobs). rock on! she says she gets her inspiration from old-school U.S. Navy tattoos, but mixed with modern japanese pop.


top secret — an s/m store in nagoya run by a woman with severe facial scars. they sell black leather teddy bears.

muramatsu – amazing horror pictures, that manage to be psychotic and mutantoid without invoking H.R. Geiger. More on the Lovecraft side of things mixed with some godzilla.

as you might imagine, he’s a really really shy guy. but his much more outgoing friend was there so i briefly interviewed them about unspeakable monstrosities:


me: are these monsters adults or are they fetuses? they look like they are in the act of transforming.

muramatsusan: huh? they’re not fetuses!

me: what sound do they make when they move around?

muramatsusan: I hadn’t thought about it.

me: gusha gusha? gyon gyon? shaka shaka?

muramatsusan: i really don’t know. (pause) I’m just a salariman!

me: where do you get the idea for these?

muramatsusan: i watch horror movies.

his pal: he pays a nude model!

me: what?

his pal: yeah, a nude model comes in and he draws her, and it looks like this.

muramatsusan: what?!?!?

his pal: yeah, he doesn’t even look at her the whole time! just draws what he thinks she looks like.

me: that is genius!! it is a portrait, right?

muramatsusan: (laughs nervously)

me: any plans to do stuffed animals in the future?

muramatsusan: no. in the future i want to work more with colors and paint.


suigyo no majiwari – regular gothic lolita imagery but rendered in this unique evil watercolor style that is unique.


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