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gallhammer, optrum, stupid babies go mad at earthdom.

  gallhammer i already did like 100 reports of them so I will spare you the details this time. risa, drums: Gallhammer is coming to europe! check the dates on their web site.   mika, guitar and face: I am not really liking the new Gallhammer stuff so much, but her faces keep getting more […]

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Yoyogi Park and Japanese-vs.-western conceptions of public space

 I don’t know about Osaka, Hokkaido or Okinawa, but in Tokyo, the idea of public space is totally different than the West. It took me a long time to put my finger on what was different ? because the public spaces look just like what you’d see in a western city: same tall buildings, busy […]

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  somewhere in Tokyo NO FUTURES let’s zoom up closer on the chaos on the right side. . . yes. it is a punk melodica solo with feedback. the plastic tube connects directly to his lungs. the bassist is somehow in The Beatles, while the vocalist has traded his mohawk for this fluffy A Clockwork […]

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