Tokyo Damage Report



somewhere in Tokyo


let’s zoom up closer on the chaos on the right side. . .

yes. it is a punk melodica solo with feedback. the plastic tube connects directly to his lungs.

the bassist is somehow in The Beatles, while the vocalist has traded his mohawk for this fluffy A Clockwork Ronald McDonald look. The drummer (right side) is wearing full-on Kendo gear (the bamboo sword-fighting sport)

here is YET ANOTHER noise interlude — delay pedal and kneepad solo, with a fan using the drummer ‘s Kendo sword to "play" the guitar all Jimmy Page style.

this is one of the best bands ever, but there were like 5 people in the audience. it sucks!!









they sound like a mix of gg allin and turbonegro — really basic hard rock with a little thrash. the singer has a mullet and moustache and dances like a dude with a metal plate in his head.

plus, nudity!!! and superhero poses!!

C.P.S. do this music which is not punk or metal exactly but more like dangerous extreme rock. like little richard or stooges. People say they are influenced by GG Allin but i think more like Butthole Surfers because their shows are not dangerous or bloody, but they have that wild-eyed "are they trying to be funny or are they just psycho?" vibe — danger mixed with a huge dose of absurdity.

like, if their name was just PUSSY SUCKERS or COCKSUCKERS I would think, whatever dude, you are trying too hard. but CUM PENIS suckers? what the hell does that even MEAN?? this is one of those bands which have that certain kind of weirdness — the kind of weird that makes you say ,"do they even know that is weird? or is that just totally normal for them and they think nothing of it?"

the drummer is furious. his hair is so long he can headbang even with a ponytail. the whole tail comes flying over and up like a scorpion sting.

it escapes from the side!

the finale!


free-jazz band with cookie-monster agonistic vocals and stand-up electric bass, plus double-grind/jazz drums and Greg Ginn-style solos that never stop.

the drummers were really tight and professional. the bass and guitar i think have never laid eyes on their respective instruments before.

ma-chan, the charasmatic singer.

he is a 7 foot tall japanese guy with tattoos on his feet and the ladies like him.



C.P.S. live at Hatsudai Wall, May 13, 2007

this show was SO INSANE. the singer came out with a crutch and his leg in a splint. he proceeded to attack the crowd with the crutch, headbutt the wall, then dive in the audience, run all the way to the bathroom in the back of the club, emerge seconds later with a plunger, sing several verses using the plunger as a microphone, then stand on a barstool and just yodel, then rush the stage and play the cymbals with his crutch, as the guitarist and bassist dived off stage and thrust their instruments at random fans, forcing the fans onstage while the band members cheered from the front row.

the guitarist was wearing a burlap hockey mask with an attached beard, plus nylons, a nazi hat, and nothing else. this is a typical show.

but again, there were only like 12 people watching. what the fuck is wrong with Tokyo?? these guys are the best band ever


here is their website. please support this band and their naked rock antics.

the site also has cds, live dvd, and shirts for sale. plus some unsettling artwork by the singer.



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