Tokyo Damage Report

gallhammer, optrum, stupid babies go mad at earthdom.



i already did like 100 reports of them so I will spare you the details this time.

risa, drums:

Gallhammer is coming to europe! check the dates on their web site.


mika, guitar and face:

I am not really liking the new Gallhammer stuff so much, but her faces keep getting more and more better. It’s not the standard Metal Grimace; it more looks like genuine terror. Like she is staring at a point over your head, staring at something totally unspeakable which is right behind you, she wants to run but she is paralyzed with fright. something is definitely the matter with her.






they were the most cool band of the night – their page is here.

youtube video (not by me!) is here.

basically they are a concept band. drums and a homemade instrument called an optron. it is a standard flourescent light with a guitar strap attached to it. It makes sounds too – i am guessing there are microphones on it that pick up the 60hz hum. He switches it on and off to the rhythms of the drums, and as the light goes on and off it makes different sounds, which are then run through a bunch of effects. but fortunately he don’t put too much effects on it. so instead of sounding like generic "noise music" (merzbow or whatever) the optron has 2 or 3 distinct "voices".

The drummer is FUCKING AMAZING just by himself. He was playing crazy beats in 11/16 time, and then taking the individual notes and moving them forward or backward by a sixteenth note, just to keep busy. Like sometimes he’d impulsively play the downbeat a note early or a note late. Or he’d play the accent notes early or late. he is genius!

Probably the best thing about this band is they only played 8 minutes. They kind of knew that the novelty would wear off and wanted to leave us wanting more. It’s nice to find people who are creative but not pretentious or egocentric!

stupid babies go mad

Despite the small audience, these guys went all-out. Microphone-chewing, crowd-surfing, roof-walking, rockstar-posing, drum-facing, falling-down-ing. . . . the whole repitoire.


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