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Norway 5

this trip. . . . it is dildos, page 7   sunday continued. . . hiking stories!   See the best engrish sign so far, next to a lake: BATNING AND OTHER SEA-ACTIVITES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THIS AREA BECAUSE OF DANGEROUS ENORENTS BENEATH THE SURFACE.   Norse goats are friendly as hell. Not only […]

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norway 4

this trip. . . . it is dildos, page 5   WEDNESDAY wake up at 5 am so i can check out the amazing desert by the airport. It is totally covered with moss and broken rocks but it has a totally different vibe to the other moss-patch!     At the Iceland airport, I […]

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Norway 3

this trip. . . . it is dildos page 3 TUESDAY rent a car at roughly 5 times the u.s. price. Even though it is my last day here and the national park is like 3 hours away, I am going, damn it, I don’t care how insane it is. It will be light until […]

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Norway panorama photos

  I also got these giant-ass panorama photos i took. from like 180 to 360 degrees. . .too big to fit on this here page. click on them to see the whole thing. bergen lake – bergen lake 2 – bergen city – bergen top mountain – cliff – cliff two – iceland desert – […]

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norway 2

this trip. . . . it is dildos. page 2   MONDAY no time to go to the hospital for my finger, because I have to wake up at 6:00 AM for another tour group. They have this neat rule where , if I overslept or went to the hospital, I would have to pay […]

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norway 1

this trip. . . . it is dildos.   I had to leave Japan until my Visa paperwork came through. What kind of visa? I don’t want to wreck the privacy of my friends. Suffice to say that the new visa involves a ring, a nurse, and a ska band playing "It’s a Pirate’s Life […]

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