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best fucking show: zeni geva, slight slappers, melt banana, ruins

  all these bands are, or were at one time, on the HG FACT label. They all have unique pioneering sounds. And they have toured extensively around the world. Except for the opening band, I saw all of them in america at least once. So it was no suprise to see that this show had […]

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eternal elysium, black cobra, church of misery @ earthdom

eternal elysium, black cobra, church of misery @ earthdom, 9/24/2007   CHURCH OF MISERY for some reason these guys, the best metal band in the country, opened up. I saw their equipment was already on stage when i walked in and said to myself, "Goodness, I gotta start drinking right away!" Luckily i had rum. […]

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why Japanese can’t speak English.

ACTUAL EXCERPTS FROM THE ENGLISH TEXTBOOK “IDIOMS AND PHRASES”  BY NUKUI SHIRO AND OKADA KENZO   "Idioms and phrases" is a textbook for Japanese people. It teaches them how to speak good, natural English. Let’s read some excerpts from their book. The italics are in the orignal – they denote English idioms which Mr. Nukui […]

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