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eternal elysium, black cobra, church of misery @ earthdom

eternal elysium, black cobra, church of misery @ earthdom, 9/24/2007



for some reason these guys, the best metal band in the country, opened up. I saw their equipment was already on stage when i walked in and said to myself, "Goodness, I gotta start drinking right away!" Luckily i had rum. They played a short set of their faster songs, as if trying to fit more notes into less time. That was 4 days ago and my neck is still hurting.

above, the singer doing his thing with his analog synthesyzer. The dude is 5 feet tall but just hyperactive as fuck. not only does he jump around, but he is always playing 3 second solos on the keyboard or a harmonica. Concentration issues!

one of the reasons I love this band: the tempo. most doom bands are either too fast (kyuss, queens of the stone age, orange goblin, general stoner rock) or too slow (funeral doom, skepticism, etc.). for some reason bands you can actually headbang to are few and far between: sleep and church of misery. those are the only doom bands i know where the drummer swings! Plus they got that thing where the groove is so powerful it doesn’t even matter if all the songs sound the same — it’s basically one long song (but never long enough).

here is their site.


they’re playing next month in asakusa!





This was a trip because these fellas are from S. F. where I’m from. . . I’d never heard of them but the Japanese crowd seemed to know every note:

They sounded like Melvins meets Lightning Bolt. The guitarist had like 2 full stacks of amps which i was standing right in front of, but the sound was so bad i still had no idea what notes he was playing. Notes tended to fall into one of two categories: "Low D" and "Something."


The music was intense and heavy, but everytime I’d start to get my head-bang on they’d change the riff- one of those mathy kinds of bands. I guess it would have been easier to appreciate the math aspect if we could of heard guitar notes.



I think they’re from Kyoto? They do mid-tempo stoner rock with the occasional Sabbath breakdown. The vocalist looks like a skeleton, with the skin of a mummy, so i guess he chose the right genre to go into. Also I have no idea how to spell their name. Elisum? Elisiyum? Ileesum? Eleiseium?




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