Tokyo Damage Report

Medical equipment tradeshow

2007 10/05,



This is a giant, vast, humongous tradeshow. They got cranes for lifting disabled people, things to help old people eat food, prosthetics, a million "bed-goes-up, bed-goes-down" items, pc interfaces for various disabilities, and like a million tricked-out wheelchairs. Plus diapers. Oh, so many diapers. It is kind of a sneak preview of what getting old is about!

Also, unlike most tradeshows, it’s not all salarimen. There’s lots of customers rolling around, too. Plus just a huge amount of young-ass nurses roaming in packs (out of uniform, but still). Plus just random groups of high-school students, hipsters, and whoever else decided to show up. This makes it a much more cheerful, lively environment than you might expect from an incontinence festival.


Anyway, let’s kick things off with the beds.


the "isu ni naru kaigo beddo" (the bed which becomes a support-chair) from ROAD WIDE. Check out how happy the dude is! He is not, i must add, a professional model. He’s a customer! The top comes down. It’s like a flower-print coffin-bed to give seniors an early taste of the grave! "Hey, there’s roses and crysanthemums. This is gonna be awesome!"


Prostheses from Nakamura. The saleslady was like, "here, hold this! It’s much lighter than the Brand X boobies!" It was, too.


Your host, in an "air shower."


happilet, from the happilet company. They put a toilet plus a mini-bidet in your bed, with a pump to siphon off the remains into the cute pink machine!

dream-shower from minato, makers of the Lift Chair Bath. . They have been selling this for 20 years! I’ didn’t get a picture of the other half of the machine – but they have a hospital gurney, where they wheel the patient into the shower capsule. I stuck my hand in – it’s warm water sprayed from like 30 rotating nozzles. Dream shower provides a clean, safe bath with dignity. But that’s not why I took the picture. I took the picture because dream shower is also porn. I will leave it to you guys to work out the complex metaphors involved.


book time 5500, by "live+plus", a division of the "west ocean electrical machine calculating goods manufacturing place" corporaton.


the sign reads, "robot that wipes your BUTT" (emphasis in the original).

from Okada Industries.

Hello Kitty automatic toilet paper dispenser, for people who can’t use both arms, coming this december from the good folks at korirai!


minelet company : slogan (in English) EXCRETION CARE WILL CHANGE.

automatic excretion disposal device with safety confirmation function, Nursing Robot Minelet!

video for you

AAfex – contraption for the well-dressed salariman, complete with james-bond-style pee-holster hidden in your sock. From the Chicago Tokyo Group, makers of the wonderfully pornographic Birthing Rope, and Nick The Dragon .

portable toilet from uchie

A technician demonstrates the suka-tokuri-n (scat clean), a new product from paramount beds. The brochure reads, "for when you need to go to the toilet but are afraid of falling down. . . or when you need to go but can’t make it that far. . .or when you can make it that far but just don’t want to!" Refer to Homer Simpson: and here I’Ve been using my lungs. . . . like a sucker!




adult diapers displayed in the style of traditional chouchin (paper lanterns)

The adult diaper company is called nepia tender!

Sunuzuren, um, excuse me, i mean Snoezelen Therapy, is a form of sensory therapy developed in Holland. In the ’70s. Which should give you some idea.

rompa. the Meeting the sensory learning needs of all generations.


robot arm attached to a wheelchair, that picks up food and feeds it to the customer, from ttools! mostly they make interfaces for PCs for blind people.

My Spoon, from Secom.


a cyborg-walker! from the National Rehabilitation Research Institute for Persons With Disabilities, a government-funded science thingy. They can build all these contraptions, but they can’t spell their own url on promotional materials!

The Wearable Power Assist Suit from Kanagawa Institute of Technology, a publicly-funded research group. They had pamphlets in English, so I can sort of explain what-all is going on here. First, it’s not for disabled people; it’s for their nurses! To help the nurses lift dudes. Second, there are sensors in it which detect the hardening of the nurses’ muscles, and automatically activate the mechanical muscles in that area! The mechanical muscles are powerd by "air bag acutators driven by micro air pumps. " And they have a computer inside to determine how much force and velocity is required. It can run for 20 minutes with its on-board batteries. They have been working on this since 1990!




At first

"Pi–chi pants! for when you turn sixty!"

studio tomi

shoes from mutka – extra wide so that you can fit your leg-brace in ’em.

more shoes from Matsumoto, makers of all kinds of supporters, restraints, and pads that enbale mildly disabled people.


Me, with a sales representative of the Wheely Corporaton of japan, leading makers of custom-width wheelchairs and seat cushions that don’t deform under pressure.

rentacomu, an organization dedicated to promoting physical vitality and "new lifestyles" to elderly shutins, through arcade games requiring physical movement. They seem to be part of the sinister Namco conspiracy.

Oddly, the division of Namco dedicated to games-for-the-elderly is called HUSTLE CLUB. The website is, which must piss off the gay porn webmaster comminity. the g.p.w.c. shouldn’t be that mad though, because i just checked google and is still available!

At any rate, hustle-club can’t be that naughty, though, because they make this: a $1200 speak-and-spell for the hard-of-talking.

another one, called the Training Center, from Shimane-prefecture manufactiuring technical support center, who, despite making cyber objects, has no website!

Rims from yamaha.

rabirin trainer, from combi wellness corporation.


Street flashing lights from Tanabe corporation. they have an online video for you!


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