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Corrupted @ Earthdom



They are named after a Voivod song, but they sound nothing like that. Just simple, slow tunes like Eyehategod or Baby Corrupted. The drummer got his sticks up insanely high with every hit, like jumping-jacks style. The guitarist spent half the show bent double, with both of his hands wrapped around the headstock of his "axe" — he was choking it like he wanted revenge on it. I never saw anyone do that move before. He was amazing. Even the bass sort of did this thing where he looked off-balance. not drunk-master style but more like his notes were huge waves which were bowling him over with each tide. The singer had an ok voice for this type of music but she didn’t perform at all. She was wack. Some singers jump around, but other singers manage to stand still and make it look cool or scary. Like the guy from the Ramones or Gallhammer or whatever, there’s lots of ways to stand still and still be cool. But this singer just looked like she was waiting for a train, except she was singing.






This band has been around forever. Their older material is just Japanese hardcore, but their newer stuff has lots of melodic guitar sounds and is a bit less thrash.

but the main thing is the vocalist, i think his name is MA. He does these fucking histrionic, arena-rock rolling-stones led-zeppelin moves that have not been seen on stage in nigh on 20 years.

The crow has the drummer from SSORC, DIE YOU BASTARD, i mean the dude is in half the bands in Tokyo. This is the only band where he plays less than 3,000 miles per hour. Frankly I didn’t know he could play this slow.

The dude is maybe in his 40s but still rocks out like crazy. Hella headbangs and just "OBSERVE MY TORMENT AT SOCIETY" poses that are somehow "CHECK OUT MY DAVID LEE ROTH DEAL I GOT HERE" at the same time. I can’t describe it but it is definitely waay better than 90% of the guys half his age.




Guitar, vocals-with-hella-effects, and drums. They didn’t have riffs, but seemed to just put out a wall of noise. I guess you could take Sunnoooo:) or Boris as your basic reference points here. Performance-wise they didn’t have much, but the sheer volume and complexity of the distortion was pretty intense. It was that style of low, super-noisy music where you feel the different notes, rather than hear them!! "OK, the vibration moved from my large intestine up to my solar plexus, so i guess the note went up. next note, maybe it’ll go down to my. . .oh no. .. not my colon!!" kind of deal.

But not that good.

I mean it was pretty good ok.





This is one of those legendary bands that’s been around since the early ’90s but I never saw them until now. HOLY SHIT THEY ARE GOOD. I barely survived. If i had seen them back in the day, i might have just gotten murdered, is how good they are.


They have that punk energy but their songs are more fully-developed with different emotional parts. The only comparison i can make is maybe ARTICLES OF FAITH. Not that they sound the same, but they share a more epic approach to songwriting that expresses hella different feelings.

The name SHIKABANE is a very old, literary word for dead body. You can trot it out to impress your Japanese friends. Shikabane isn’t the only one to do this – lots of skinheads or gangsters also use fancy words to express themselves. This is something that Americans just don’t have : thugs who make philosophical or historical references in order to sound really profound while they’re kicking your ass. At first i thought, OK, that’s just because America is a young country, but i talked with an UK guy at the show, and he says that English football thugs, despite having thousands of years of history, don’t quote Shakespeare while putting the boot in.


It’s a Japanese thing.


Anyway, this band was fucking awesome. They have a singer that looks uncannily like the old Marvel Comics guy DOCTOR STRANGE:

With his pencil moustache, slicked back hair, skinny nose and high cheekbones. I kept expecting him to do a song about his amulet or the Orb of Agmotto or some shit.

Can you see how hard they are rocking? It is cahos. That’s like "chaos" but too chaotic to be spelled rihgt.

Plus they have this bass player that headbangs like crazy:

And their whole live performance is epic without being pretentiously prog or emo, just heartfelt. But whatever for that, let’s go back to the bass:



fuck this dude is insane!!!

It’s like he is giving a clinic in How To Quit Playing Bass For Your Band Because You’ll Never Be As Good.

Check this motherfucker out!!!!! In between songs Lemmy would come on stage to recieve a vicious pimp-slap from this guy. "Thank you sir may i have another!"

FUUCK!!! This dude was a whirlwind wrapped in a taiphoon nestled in a tsunami lodged in a tornado. I think his bass is actually made from the carbonized fragments of other bass-players he ate and then roasted.






I hear they don’t "do" photos, as part of their revolutionary philosophy.

So I only took a modest amount.

Actually I took hella photos but mostly they were pictures of alcohol. By which i mean, a photo of someone’s elbow, or of an amplifier, or the inside of my jacket.


It was not the best amount of booze i have drank: my last memory is of them hanging their banner.

Wait, that was last year’s Corrupted show’s last memory.

THIS year i didn’t even get that far.

Between the booze and the legendary excessive volume, all brain cells related to the performance have gone Error 404.

This dude, for instance — was he playing a corrupted song? or was it California Love? IT COULD HAVE BEEN. that’s what scares me even more than my alcohol problem –IT COULD HAVE BEEN, and I just don’t know.

or THIS guy. He LOOKS like he’s drumming hard enough to wake the dead, but maybe he’s just yawning, becuase their extended smooth-jazz version of Laylah just entered its 15th minute? I was so fucked up that I could not have told the difference!!

This dude looks amused, like he just busted out some killer Bluegrass licks, or perhaps a whimsical rendition of I Write The Songs. Did he? Or did he play corrupted songs? I HAVE NO IDEA. FUCK!!


The only thing I remember was wanting to just rampage, but everyone else in the audience wasn’t dancing or even headbanging, and it was frustrating. Guess I should look on the bright side, though — 3 years ago I got so fucked up I COULDN’T EVEN GET to the Corrupted show. I had to take a shinkansen from osaka back to tokyo and be hungover for 4 days. Not saying I’m a chronic alcoholabuser, just. . .something about this band and doo much booxze just gothetotghewth or clike correapondcd corinxidence or whativwerzfsdkt kth h fucugug


official site

fan site site with discography and photos

wikipedia page

Youtube video is here. i didn ‘t take it, and I don’t know what year it is. But, it should give you some idea of the sound.


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