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homepage here: they have a 5 song demo cassette. Masaki, the singer, is fluent in English.




Bassist had this amazing thing: he afro’d his hair, then put it up in liberty spikes, and then grew a chin-strap beard. This band would be on top for that if nothing else. The drummer looked like fuckin’ Redman it was uncanny. His playing was so angry and intense it was unreal. I don’t have good pictures of him because the club was so smoky! The singer was trying to be the famous dude from GISM – all coming out from backstage with a stool, throwing the stool at the audience, doing some kind of pro-wrestler trash-talk about what a bunch of Tokyo pussies we were, and then leaping on us. I tried to hold him up when he dove but he was so sweaty it was like holding a greased skinhead.

The show was fun but went on too long. this kind of power violence works best with a short attack. Some doofus NXYXHXCX kids were there in hoodies trying to new-school-hard-core dance to it but it was awkward.






The singer has a very wimpy voice. The music is kind of hardcore but with kind of pop mellow uptempo J-rock thrown in for no reason. The bassist was crusty as HELL. He looked like some gypsy fortuneteller where all the fortunes are like, "you will die in . . . . horrendous power mad NUCLEAR WARRR!! ONE TWO THREE FOUR!"






Life are one of those Tokyo bands that for some reason I never saw before. They are fucking so great!!! Not so much for the music – incredibly fast thrash almost blast beat speed – but for their performance! the guitarist looked exactly like the singer from Journey and even had a fucking NME patch on his denim vest — an ’80s thrash band so obscure i had forgotten about them. The bassist has like horizontally spiked Evil Clown Hair, a Magnum P.I. moustache, and the legendary DREADLOCK BLONDE MULLET. which combined with headbanging makes for a tonsorial tour-de-force. He is one of those players who hits their bass like he is angry at it. The singer is so amazing — all his poses are totally rediculous. If it was me up there doing those poses, it would be clear that i was "kidding," but this dude is a crazy authentic hessher, so i have no idea if he even knows he is absurd. That’s the best way!!

Despite the humor, everyone performs really earnestly and really frantically, like they are playing faster than they actually can play . . . not in a "untalented" way but in like a "possessed" kind of way.




Just kidding. More pictures of LIFE. fuck they are great!




The guitarist is the old singer of Nagoya’s CODE. He returns with an immaculate white gibson to match his bleached hair, black mask and trenchcoat, and no shirt. dude has amazing style.


This is a 2-singer band. 2-singer bands, like i have remarked upon many occasions, are the best idea and should be implimented whenever possible- twice the action on stage, twice the hamming, call-and-response vocals are more catchy, and there is a surplus of untalented people who want to be in a band but can’t play anything. The one singer looks like old-school Genesis P. Orridge which is not bad so much as just weird.



I dunno either. I think I pointed the camera down and then the flash went off accidentally. But that’s what they all say.


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