Tokyo Damage Report

cps, fid, cosmic neurose, chaos engine!


This was one of those perfect live shows when all the bands jumped around and attacked the audience, there wasn’t 100 people smoking, and the fans got down.


Note homey’s love and rockets shirt. I think he wears it every time he plays. These guys were kind of power violence – short, slow-and-fast songs with crazy flying singer-man brachiating around the place.




I got nothing new to say about them except that, owing to the studio’s no-smoking policy, I could finally take pictures of the drummer.



the incredible CUM PENIS SUCKERS

C.P.S. are one of the most under-rated bands in tokyo. Finally they had a live where the fans were as active as the band and got in on the shennanegans. The guitarist had a negligee made from a Don Quixote shopping bag.

The real star of the show was the drummer who – like FID – i could finally photograph. The dude is this insane plus he plays standing up.

Every song had some kind of horse-play like this – people were tossed, ridden, straddled, ambushed, and dry-gulched. But not in a mean way.

Lead singer Den-kun demonstrates his dada dance moves.





Homey came out with a Leatherface mask and a chainsaw, climbed up on a stepladder, jumped on the audience, then bit lightbulbs. he was super-pro-wrestling style.

Chaos Engine has two singers. I think every band should have two singers because 1) singing requires the least talent, 2) singers can jump around more than people burdened with instruments, and 3) there is a surplus of people with no talent that "want to be in a band, man." It is just more fun to look at a band with 2 singers. Actually guitarists, bassists, etc, should come 2 to a band also – it would enable them to rock out so hard until they collapse at the end of the song and then the other person can "tag in."

Homey beginning another stage-dive. there was no stage, so his friend brought a short ladder for him to attack the audience from.

below, the aftermath – a chainsaw, broken glass, blood and an earplug.

What’s really weird is how many japanese punk bands are inspired by wrestling — besides CHAOS ENGINE, there’s . . .

TETSUAREI ("dumbbells") – they say the singer’s brother is a pro wrestler, and tetsuarei’s style is really influenced by that.

QP CRAZY – the singer IS an indies-wrestler, and uses a lot of fire and explosions and backflips in his act.

EL NUDO – they all wear lucha libre masks and the singer has a belt.

TOTAL NOISE ACCORD- the guy comes out, talks trash at the crowd, throws chairs at ’em, and assumes a general Heel Posture.


And that’s just the bands I can think of off the top of my head. It’s weird because Japan is not really famous for wrestling the way that , say, mexico or the USA is.



Ecodamned is a ’70s punk 2-piece band. The drummer is the old guitarist from ANA DOREI ("hole slave"). They kind of do trad punk but her voice is somewhere more nasal than Yoko Ono so it doesn’t sound that trad in the end.




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