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kawasaki haloween parade 2007

ok put on a death metal album such as OBITUARY or CANNIBAL CORPSE and get ready for the KAWASAKI 2007 HALOWEEN PARADE!!

there were the usual "Western" costumes like witches, jack o’ lanterns and the like. but … there were a lot of suprises also.

One of the most fun things about it was, not just the costumes, but the JUXTAPOSITION of costumes.

As you scan the following photos, keep a lookout for the people NEXT to the people, because they often form rediculous combinations. Then imagine if those monsters actually met at a coctail party or something.

first, just to give you an idea of the size of it:


TRUCKS – there were 3 trucks carrying JDs and PAs, which did somehow not play death metal.

The first truck had a happy-clown face on the front when stationary, but when it started moving, the happy-clown face broke apart to reveal this:

The second truck’s theme seemed to be alien cannibal flora:

on the trucks, of course, were the cyclops DJs:

and the Furry DJs

And of course the Zombie Maid DJs.

The parents designed costumes with their strollers in mind:

Groucho Blackbeard + bruce lee + artificially inseminated Lee Semen Baby = lesbian couple of the year.

below, as selection of the anime-themed costumes:

The dude above said it took him a year to make his Mazinger duds. Keep in mind it was over 80 degrees in the shade today!

The cameraman below had the most incredible nerd-rig: a belt with a pole attached to it to support this giant cyber camera thing. He looked down his nose at me for my tiny-ass nikon.

I was like, overcompensate much?


Individual costumes were no less ambitious. Below, vegtables!



Below, Neptune (or whomever) had dozens of seashells glued to their head:

zombie with voodoo master. note the white eyeballs! it is unclear wether the Evil Afro Clown behind them is also a zombie.


What most suprised me was the amount of people with facial prosthetics:




below, you can see some squid coming wearing Kimonos.

even from behind, they got the tentacles busting out of the kimono.

this guy had an oversized pumpkin head with two "invisible" assistants to work his arms:

below, Furry rabbit doctor with tiny rabbit patient and giant novelty toothbrush:

shredded recycled newspaper costumes:


below, one of my favorites: middle-aged woman with afro and a superman costume that says SUPERHERO on it.

another genius idea: traditional demon – meets – flavor flav.

below: more Furries.

making the traditional "peace sign". .. . maybe a Japanese furry?

I could tell the hot chicks below were actually dudes even from behind. . .

Drag queens are partial to a certain colorful excess is why.


another theme this year was Malpractice Suit:

I asked the lovely nurses above where their hospital was and they said, "Hell." I said, what kind of therapy do you do? "It’s a secret!"

the SWAT team / pop-idol group below was a great idea, but they got trumped by Patrick Bateman on the right:

the most technically proficient / awesome costumes were all in one group, and all themed around Japanese traidional monsters (YOUKAI)

This Kabuki Demon. . .he was into lunging at spectators. The 6 year old girl next to me was crying for five minutes. even after she stopped screaming she was still making this face like ,"Just let it end. Just let it end!"

The lady on the left is a KAPPA, another traditional monster. the attention to detail on her costume was rad:

more traditional monsters: not leatherface there, but next to him, a KUMO ONNA (spider woman)

zombie samurai!

The legendary Rokurokubi

and her child, NOPPERABOU — easily one of the scariest things here.

Sadako from the Ring. what made this scary is, she was 8.

Below, this guy is a traditional scarecrow. the thing suspended between his, um, vegetable prongs, is a giant eyeball. I don’t know why but his costume was enormously popular.

but the scariest thing of all:

The guy on the right looking on in horror. or is it something more like admiration?

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