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I am living in Japan, and felt homesick, so I drew pictures of S.F.’s weirdos. Why??? Every city has homeless and junkies, and every city has regular working people, but only in S.F. do you see people who are just unclassifiable. The guy with the giant fancy cowboy hat, cowboy jacket, and Dolphin shorts. The […]


electric wizard japan tour @ earthdom.

  in your face.     More than Corrupted or even Celtic Frost, this was the MMMMMMetal show I had been most looking forward to this year. There were problems to be sure — the venue was way too small to accomodate the number of fans, and 90% of folks could not even see the […]

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2007 engrish.

4/27 Engrish and photos for April. samurai Easy Rider               engrish 2007   cannibal decapitated bridal salon — what do you think happened to women who went to MAIM?? harhar…     Back in the late-ninties we were going to make a very half-assed supervillain called THE MUDDLER. he […]

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How to talk like Dr. Strange

HOW TO TALK LIKE DR. STRANGE Remember those old Dr. Strange comics? the early ‘60s Marvel comics by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko? I loved those shits something fierce. The plots frequently made no sense, and I have since learned that we live in a corrupt world devoid of magic or redemption, but the stories […]

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2007 winter design festa FASHION

DESIGN FESTA WINTER 2007 FASHION PHOTOS– Ladies wore some "costumes" to the event, but the fellas had the lock on fashion one can wear every damn day and still look special. (click here for the "art" part of the event report) Money Grip, below, had the most insane rococo silk jacket with monkeys on it. […]

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2007 winter design festa

2007 winter design festa — November 17th, 2007, odaiba big sight Design festa is a biannual convention where 1,000 artists get little booths to sell their wares. I have written about it on maybe 2000000 occasions so i will not go into too much detail. Three main things: a lot more new artists than last […]

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top – あ - い - う - え - お - tdr What?   It’s not a slang dictionary. Or a “rap-tionary, yo.” Or even a complete list of all rhyming words. It’s a list of all the cool, interesting Japanese phrases that are too exaggerated, too confrontational or too literary to drop in casual conversation. People think Japanese is a very polite, indirect, […]

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I call bullshit on mp3 players

fuck an mp3 player. Say you got the whole “exile on main street”album in one folder on your Computer. You put it in your ipod (or whatever) and then you pick up the ipod and scroll to the rolling stones folder and there is only one song! Where did the rest of the songs go? […]

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