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It’s not a slang dictionary. Or a “rap-tionary, yo.” Or even a complete list of all rhyming words. It’s a list of all the cool, interesting Japanese phrases that are too exaggerated, too confrontational or too literary to drop in casual conversation. People think Japanese is a very polite, indirect, formal language, but it’s got a huge amount of really good in-someone’s-face words that are not often used.




I found I was studying these ill words more than the useful words. And then of course I’d never get to say the ill words out loud, and so I’d forget them! That’s why I made this a rhyming dictionary. Because in the rap world, it is very appropriate to be in someone’s face. If I put ’em in a rap then I can practice and remember them. So, if you ever wanted to learn to rap in Japanese, these words are a good place to start!


How? (to use):

1) write a really fresh rap in japanese.

2) get stuck.

3) find the section in the dictionary that corresponds to those syllables of the word you want to rhyme with.

4) pick a word that will give you a really dope punchline about your balls.

I’m dividing the dictionary into the five basic vowels: a, I . u. e. and o. And then subdividing it into 2-syllable rhyming words, and then subdividing THOSE into 3-syllable rhymes.

If one syllable is emphasized, I put it in bold. if ALL the syllables are emphasized equally, no bold.

If i list an expression which is used AFTER a noun, I indicate it like this: N~~(the expression)

If it’s used after a verb, it’s like:, V~~(the expression).

Also, if a word is often used with a specific particle, then I have included that particle too, even though it doesn’t rhyme. Just to help you use the word properly. These non-rhymin’ words are in grey.




Japanese is easy to rhyme in because:

1- Every word ends in a vowel. So 2 or 3 syllable rhymes are common. Stuff that would get you classified as some tongue-twisting abstract backpack guy over in America is considered pop over here.

2 – if you can’t think of a word, you can use a sound effect.

Japanese is hard to rhyme in because:

1 –Intonation! All the textbooks say “Japanese is not a tonal language like Chinese,” but they are only half-right. Different words have accents on different syllables, so stuff that looks like it rhymes actually does not.

For instance, heru (decrease) looks like it should rhyme with mezameru (wake up and face the facts). But the accent of mezameru is on the ZA, so it’s NG.

2 ? particles! Lots of verbs have a “suru” after them, lots of adjectives have a “na” after them. Sometimes that messes up your rhyme, so you have to handle it.

3 ? it’s culturally weird to end a sentence with a noun or adjective ? verbs are the usual thing to put at the end. But try to find an American usa rapper guy who ends their shit with a verb. Oh, they’re out there, but not so much.

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shiMA – turf

neTA – material for one’s showbiz act. catchphrases, characters, jokes, etc.


あああ あああ

chuutoHANpa (suru) (na) – half measures

gya gya (to sawagu) – yakkety yak.talking loud and saying nothing

kotoWAza – old saying

kiSAma – you pathetic motherfucker

wana – trap (caught in a trap : wana ni kakerareru)

YANcha na – mischevious

N–no ShiWAza – handiwork

Ima SAra – now, after all this time (it’s too late to…)

Hakkin ni NAtta – banned by The Man!

aRA – fault or flaw (don’t try to find fault: ara wo sagasanai )

baRA BAra na or suru – fall to pieces, cut to pieces

shuRAba – slaughterhouse


あああ あん

iWAkan – a feeling that something is wrong or amiss

あああ あい

YAkai na – bothersome

suBAyai- fast, agile

peCHApai – flat chested

tsuTAnai – artless, clumsy

te-verb wa naRAnai – don’t do X.

okKAnai – scary

kuDARAnai – worthless


あああ あああ あああ

AArata na – new

nandaga!!! Angry version of "desu"


あああ あああ いいい

KAtagi – upright citizen

SAsasi na – trivial

shiteAA-tari – I got you!

meZAwari – eyesore

meZAmashii – spectacular

kamiGAkari – posessed


 あああ あああ ううう

chiRAkasu – scatter something

x ni tsuRAku AAtaru – be hard on x

kaGAyaku – brilliantly shine

kaRAKAu – mess with someone’s head


あああ あああ えええ

omae, oWAttaNE? – You got served!

AHware na – piteous


あああ あああ あい

toru ni TARAnai – insignificant



deKAI ! huge!

iTTAI – hella

wakeniwanaranai – it won’t do

totetsumoNAI – stupendous

.hiWAI – obscene

.shiTAI – corpse

haKAI (suru)- (adj.) destructive, (verb) demolish

usankuSAI- shady

okubuKAI- profound, recondite

seikai – right answer

otoNASHIkushinaSAI- behave yourself!

momiAI- struggle, scuffle

N–ga ManSAI- loaded to capacity

kuDAraNAI – rubbish!

juubun ja NAI- it’s not enough

.kaTA ni haMAraNAI – breaking the rules, independent

tekiTAI – antagonism , rivalry

atariMAE ja NAI – improper

IIkuji ga NAI -coward

kakeGAE noNAI – irreplaceable, precious

ROKUdemonai – worthless, without value

(n ga ) TariNAI – not enough of N

furukuSAI – old fashioned


あい あああ

shuDAIka -theme song


あい あい

waiwai to sawagu – laughter

shiJOU saidai(No N) – greatest in history

X (no) sairai second coming of x

(n) wo saidai ni (V) – do V to the maximum

motTAInai – terrible waste


あい いいい ううう

TAIritsu -confrontation, opposition

あい いいい おおお

iTAI hito – a herb, a square,


あい ううう

gaiCHUU – harmful insect: vermin


あい ううう ううう

HAIzuru – to creep

XX- wo hito ichiBAI suRU – do X more than others

TAIkutsu da – boring (taikutsu shareta = i was bored by it)

KAIbutsu – monster


あい えええ

.naRE naRE shiku shiNAIde – don’t be so familiar


あい えええ いいい

haKAIteki subversive


あい えええ ううう

HAIsetsu – poopop an peepee

WAIsetsu – disgusting obscene


あい えん

GAInen – concept


あい おおお

HAIjo suru – completely exclude

TAIdou – attitude

KAIryou suru – improvement, reform

AIshou ga ii /warui – compatible/ incompatible.


あい おおお ううう

kaiZOU suru -revamp, remodel

taiKOU suru – struggle with a dude

taiSHOU- target of critcism

gaiSHOU – streetwalker, low-class hooker

baiZOU suru- double the amount

taiRYOU- huge quantities

taiSHO- contrast


あああ  いいい

HANi – area of influence, turf

X ni ga-KAri – disappointed by X

KAtami ga seMAI- feel shame

KAchi (ga aru) – value merit

(XXgari) – XXhunting

aSSARI (V)- suru – effortlessly do V.

baritachi – top role

rakuGAki – graffitti

basSAri – cut your own throat

CHAchi na -poorly made

X wo HAkki -give full play to X , unleash X.

iYAmi – insulting words – anything from harsh haggling to sarcasm to dispute.

nageYAri na – neglect, halfassed

V-gachi – be likely to do bad thing

nawaBAri – turf

X yori mo HARUkani – far and away more than X.

SAgi – swindle

ayaMAchi – blunder


ああ いん

YAshin ga aru – ambition to do X


あああ いいい えええ

miKAjime – extortion

haTAshite – as expected

.haRAtachi MAgire(ni) – in a fit of anger


あああ いいい あい

–ga kiwaMARInai – extremely boundless


ああ いいい あん

TOrishi MArikan – narc


あああ いいい いいい

fuKAiri suru – get too deeply involved

soRAmimi – to hear s.t. that isn’t there


あああ  ううう

oBIkidasu – decoy

tsubuYAku – mutter, murmur

senRYAku – tactics

seppatsuMAru – at my wits’ end, with no where tu turn

iJOU shinriGAku – abnormal psychology

iGAmiAU ^ squabble feud

kaiKAku – reform

YAyu – butt of the joke

fuKUramu – swell, bulge

iPPAtsu – with a single blow

N ga te ni oenakunaru – get out of hand

–ga toMEdonaku (v) – unceasing flow of something usually emotional

HIppaTAku – smack

X ni kodaWARru -very picky about X

toGisuMAsu – hone one’s skills

shinRYAku – conquer

rikiSAku – masterpiece of literature

azawaRAu – gloat, mean laugh

senPAku – shallow, superficial

kaiHAtsu – development or exploitation of a resource

sokoNAu – harm

.hinJAku na ^ scanty, meager

.taYAsu – exterminate

.jinMYAku – pull, connections

wo odoRAsu -manipulate someone

.kaMAsu – vulgar “suru”

wo shideKAsu -dare to do

KANshaku – temper

.saWAgu – make noise

kasaNAru – bad things pile up

.yuRAgu – tremble

Wo odoroKAsu- surprise

naGAsu – play music over a system

iKAsu – revive

chinKAsu (yaro) – smegma (with yaro – smegma-bastard)

kaeriZAku – come back (bloom a second time)

.genKAku- hallucination

miseBIraKAsu – show off

magiraWAsu – distract s.o.’s attention

shiriGAru onna – slut

kiGAru ni – easily, readily, at any time

wo.aMAyaKAsu – spoil

mikuDAsu – look down on

.wo kuDAku – pulverize

nanJAku na – really weak

sosonoKAsu – ignite, set off

shokuHAtsu – ignite, set off

imikiRAU- abhor

sakaRAU – act against

Kan de waKAru- I got a hunch

niRAmu – -glare at

keNAsu -disparage

gomaKAsu – cheat

Xga RAku – X is easy

Wo uRAmu – have a grudge

– meDAtsu – stand out from

yuGAmu – distort

kotoNAru – differ , or kotonatteru

X ni KUgi dzuKEni NAru – nailed to X, obsessed with X

kesSAku – one’s masterpiece, best work

fukKAtsu – resurrect, bring back

shiMAru – control

ME wo utaGAu – don’t believe your eyes

AIkawaRAzu – -as ever..

hisSAtsu (no)- attack death blow

wo kaRU – hunt

saBAku – -pass judgement

chaKAsu — turn into a joke

SAku- -tear up paper


あああ ううう えええ

MAnuke na – idiot

HAzure (namihazure) – very far from normal

HAtsumei – invention


あああ ううう あああ

.WAzuka na — insignificant

danMAtsuma – hour of death

taMAruka – can’t tolerate

ukeneRAUna?– Are you taking the piss?

iTAZUra – old saying

maTAguRA- crotch

hiTAsuRA (v)- singlemindedly v’ing

kuTAkuTA – worn out

kuDAkuDA (to iu) / kudakudashii – tedious, long winded


あああ ううう ううう

kaTAMUku — inclined

aRAYUru — every possible

iWAYUru- what we call. . .

aZAMUku – cheat

(ni) iRAtsuku – it sucks


あああ ううう えん

keisei ga GYAKUten – now the tables are turned!


あん うん

chinpunKANpun (da) – too hard


あああ えええ

OCHAme na – mischevious

kyouZAme – spoil the fun

detaRAme – absurd

(verb root plus)yaGAre!- Suru for when you do something I don’t like

saDAme- fate

daJAre- -bad jokes

iyagaRAse- harass, stalk

dekiBAE – finishing touches

miTAme – someone’s looks


あああ えええ あああ

teNAreta X – well-practiced


あああ えええ ううう

meZAmeru – wake up to reality

miKAneru – cannot stand idly by

gamaGAeru – giant fat frog

toGAmeru – blame someone , find faultadaigomi

toRAEru – catch (imi to toraeru)

suTAREru – weaken go on the wane

aBAREru — rampage

toRAEru — capture

kiWAMEru ^^ carry to extremes

fuZAKEru — mess around

iBA-teru — arrogant


あああ えええ あああ

X-tomonareba — (when it comes to x)


あああ おおお

TANsho – bad point

.aHO – idiot


あああ おおお いいい

ashideMAtoi — encumberance nuisance


あああ おおお おおお

NANtomo — (hella)


あああ あああ あい

taMARAnai — irresistible



kudaRAN! Nonsense, rubbish!

yariMAN – slut

keshikaRAN – unforgivable

x wa MOU takuSAN da- had enough of x

daiTAN na – bold, daring

gaiKAN –outward appearance

keshikaRAN! –impertinent

rakuTAN –dejected

ore no deBAN ga kita! –Its my turn now!

hiSAN –really really wretched

hiMAN –obese

kyokuTAN na –excessive

yuDAN suru –let down one’s guard


あん あん

dangan– bullet

handan –judgement

kankan (ni okoru) –hella angry

iKAN iKAN! –Stop, stop!


あん あああ ううう

ANsatsu– assassinate


あん おおお

TANchou na –monotonous

TANtou suru –take charge of


あん おおお ううう

ZANkoku na –atrocious merciless


あん あい

ZANgai –wreckage



RANsei –troubled times

あん  いん

zanshin na —novel original

YaBANjin –barbarian foreigner

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HArukani – far and away

ToboSHII –poor

IsamaSHII da– manly, courageous

OzomaSHII –nauseatingly hideous

GaKI –brat

Kan ga ii (N)– quick on the uptake person

naMI (no) –ordinary

saBI –climax, chorus

GiRI giRI –time is almost ran out!

Engi no II — good omen (engi no warui = bad omen)

MemeSHII –feminine

yaYAyakoSHII– complicated, troublesome

MunaSHI (munashiku) — futile / futilely

(o) SEji –flattery

HageSHII –furious, intense

.yaKAmaSHII– annoying, loud

.keGArawaSHII –nasuseatingly hideous

.niKUraSHII –detestable

Gyougyoushii– pretentious

iJI — guts


いいい あああ

Ma, IIya! — whatever!

Ri pa– magnificent

ShoSHINsha– newcomer

HIssha– this writer (literary)

Niya niya –smirk

XXX ga kita — XXX occurs, XXX has come.

moKUGEkisha –crime witness

MII-ha- lowbrow, with no taste

shiCHIya –pawn shop

jiMIna –plain, not special or fancy


いいい あああ あい

ki NI IIranai –don’t like it


いいい あああ ああ

aKIraka –become clear


いいい あああ いいい

MIdari ni —recklessly without permission


いいい ああああ ううう

SHIrafu na — sober


いいい あい

Dai SHIppai –huge defeat

seiIIppai –with all one’s might

maKEzuGIrai –hates to lose

X ni suGInai –nothing but X

HakKIRI shinai –vague inarticulate



.iMIN– immigrant


いいい いいい

II ki –think you’re all that

CHIbi –small dude

.iTTAI ichi –man to man one on one

.iMAichi –something is missing or insufficient

SakibaSHIri –go too far

(japan)ichi –best in (japan)

Hiki(x) –ground-up X


いいい いいい いいい

IIkkini –in one fell swoop


いいい いいい あい

IKIgai –life purpose


 いいい いいい いいい

YUI itsu no –the only



いいい  ううう

.maKEinU – loser

KoMAKAsuGIru –trivial

NikuSHImu –loathe

SHINnyuu– invade

.iKInoBIru –survive, outlive others

Amaku MIru– underestimate

JIkuJIku to suru –sloppy

chiJImu– shrink, quiver, quail

SokuSHItsu –concubine


いいい ううう あああ

masSHIgura– headlong rush


いいい ううう いいい

DoGITUi –loud, obnoxious entertainment sex and violence.

SHItsui –fall from power


いいい ううう ううう

GIjutsu –technique

toRIKUmu –be pitted against

IkkinoMI suru — drink in one gulp


いいい えええ いいい

HIgeki — tragedy


いいい えええ ううう

BiBI-teru– be scared

HIIderu — surpass


いいい おおお

shuJINko– main character

Tsuihou –expel, banish

Shikoshiko –sound of mens beating off


いいい おおお いいい

iNOchiBIroi –cheat death by a hair



KIsoku– rule

.seKAI KIroku– world record



いいい あん

kindan no– forbidden

HInan –evacuate

Shindan –diagnosis

TonCHINkan na– irrelevant


KyoJIN –titan of something

SoCHIN — small penis


いん ううう

Kinku– forbidden word

Ninmu –mission


いん あああ

SHINka –evolution

ShoSHINsha –novice

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ichiRYUU no– best

taSUU (no) –countless

koTSU– knack

KyoSEIwo haRU– put on a false show of power , bravado

Wara ni mo sugaRU –grasping at straws

GUN wo nuKU– rise above others

— wo hito ichiBAI suRU –v more than others

.hiKU– grind

RenCHUU –gang


ううう あああ

Uda Uda –slow, lazy, won’t get to the point

ZukaZUka– making bold or rude entrance

MUcha na –outrageous

SUra sura – –smooth or rapid delivery of words

fuKUsha suru– copy

Tokushu na –unique


ううう あい

KotoBADUkai – choice of words

YUUkai –kidnap

YUkai –entertainment

BUtai –the stage

YUUgai –toxic

Suuhai –venerate


ううう あああ えええ

.oKUnnaSE– do it!


ううう あああ おおおお

SUgao –one’s real face


ううう いいい

Takumi — skill, dexterity

SoKURI v– completely entirely verb

~~SHUgi -ism

kiSHOkuwarui– odious, gruesome

HitoKUi –maneating

ShiUCHI –horrible treatment

goTUI no /na –rugged

MUri ni –unjustly

yamiTSUki ni naru –get hooked


ううう いいい いいい

KYUUshiki (no)– outdated

RUigi –analogy


ううう いいい ううう

GYUUjiru –have under one’s thumb

kaKUritsu –probability

.aKUshitsu –malicious


ううう いい えええ

waRUjie –devious


ううう  ううう

YUUshuu –superiority

kaTABUtsu no hito –square

ChoKUyu –simile

yaKUchuu –addict

zuRUI, zuru suru –treacherous

OmoiTSUku — come up with idea

MUzuMUzu– itchy or impatient ? champing at the bit

uTSUru– copy

kiZUTSUku– hurt feelings

KesSHUtsu suru –be prominent, outstanding

Guu guu –snore

KetsuBUTsu –a giant among men!! No one knows this.

kaTA wo yaBUru– (flout convention)

YUUsuu na –prominent, distinguished

yaBUru — break, destroy (yabureru ? be defeated)

haZUsu –get rid of

KUzu –junk

KUsu KUsu –chuckle

tsuKUsu –exhaust, use up

HenKUtsu– bloody minded, cantankerous

TsuBUsu –stomp

uTSUsu –copy, duplicate

SuKUmu –recoil away from, cower

GUzuGUzu –dawdle, slack

Kao ni doro wo nuru — fling mud at someone’s face, bring disgrace on someone

Me no kaTAki ni SUru– hate the sight of

miJUku– inexperienced

Hyoushi nukeSUru –have the wind taken out of one’s sails


 ううう ううう ううう

fuKYUU suru –become widespread

FukuSHU– revenge

KuchiKU –expel


ううう ううう いいい

KaTAKUrushi– stiff formal

shiRINUgui suru– pay the consequences

HoNYUUrui– mammal


ううう えええ

KoshiNUke –coward

YUUsei -predominant

OiTSUke –catch up to

SokoNUke –bottomless –

ううう えええ ううう

TSUUretsu –harsh criticism, biting words

yaBUREru–be defeated


ううう おおお

niJUU no –dual -==

kudo kudo –saying the same thing over and over

UyoUyo –swarming with


うううおおお ううう

CHUdoku– addict

CHUUmoku– pay attentioN!



kiJUN –criteria

YouBUN na/ no–excess


ううう うん

BaTSUgun– beyond compare


うん えん

KUNren –training


うん いん

Kunrin– reign


ううう あん

SeiNYUUkan –a preconception, bias


うん あい

Bunzai –social status


うん あああ いいい

x ni UNzari –fed up with x


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HakiKE – nausea

yokuSEI –control

kuSE –bad habit

SuRE suRE –not enough space

MachibuSE –ambush

YoshitekuRE –stop it!!

hottoKE –quit it!

AbazuRE– bitch

XXX kuRE!!– Do it!!

YOshitekuRE –quit it!!

KuinniGE suru– escape

naGAI wo shiTE —

hikeME — –inferiority complex


ええ あああ

Bakageta (bakageteru) absurd

X Ni MeGUmaREta – blessed

HEma suru –buffoon, bungler

KegaRETA –polluted


えええ あああ えええ

KaneMEate (noX) X –just doing it for the money


えええ あん

KekKAN– defect


ええ いいい

uREI –grief sorrow

KatsuREI suru– circumcise

HekiEKI –fed up

ShukuMEI –fate

KakkiTEki –epoch making

AtTOUteki –overwhelming

Shikaeshi suru –revenge

KaGEki na –extreme

SoGEki –sniper

CHOUningenTEki –superhuman

MuTEki — peerless

GaREki –rubbl

SaiTEI –lowest

IchiGEki ni –with one fell blow

ShiSEI –posture, position

ChiMEI(tekina) –fatal

.jiSEI –self control

KEIbi– defense

HEIki –weapon

KoTENteki na –classic

iREI (no)– unprecedented


えええ いいい ううう

BijiREIku– speech full of rhetorical flourishes


えええ いいい いいい

X ni gekini –a complete lookalike for X



えええ  ううう

KakenuKEru –overtake

KakitaTEru– get inspired

KaREru –wither

UsuMEru –water down, dilute

kiyoMEru –purify

omoitsuMEru– obsess

x ha dzubanuKEru– by far

amaEru– whine like a spoiled child

Oitsumeru– drive someone into a corner

haMEtsu– destruction

tashinaMEru– rebuke

waiSEtsu na –obscene

tsukitsuKEru– shove in someones face

HiiDEru– excel surpass

FuRUEru –tremble

FuKEtsu –nasty, dirty, ghetto

Setsuretsu –clumsy artless

KyuuSEIshu– savior

UmoREru– to be buried, to get washed up

KyouREtsu –fierce, terrible, intense

SaMEru– get sick of

GuREtsu –foolishness

SHIitaGEru –tyrannize, oppress

YobitoMEru –call someone to stop; challenge someone

Sugoi to omowaSEru — impress someone, make someone say "deeyammn!"

X butTEru– pretending to X but obviously a long way off.

AkiREru– amazed at how stupid something was

MaNEru– copy

KanaEru– grant a request

HataSEru– perform a role

FUUjikoMEru– confine or contain an enemy

MuREru– move in a flock

SuguREru –surpass

HaNEru –decapitate

taEzu –incessently

hoEru –roar

saKEbu —

UnaraSEru –elicit a grunt

seMEru –denounce

nagaiwoshiteKiRAwaREru– overstay your welcome

WaMEku –scream

waYOU SEcchuu (no) –combining east and west

KaKItaTEru –beat up

SaKEru– dodge

koEru –surpass

KuzuREru– collapse inwardly, cave in

aKIrehaTEru– be totally scandalized

ShiMEsu–show display

TsuGEGUchi– rat out

(iYAshiMEru)– contemptable, despicable

uGOMEku– squirm

toNAEru –chant

Donaru, doNARItsuKEru — go off on someone, flip out


えええ ううう あああ

DokuZEtsuka –sharp tongue


ええ ううう ううう

TEIshutsu– present or introduce


えええ うううう おおお

KEmusho– prison

ZetsuBOU –utter despair


えええ えええ

Chikara wo Komete– put all one’s strength into

KotobaZEme– verbal abuse

SEken –the world, society


えええ えええ いいい

TenKEIteki –typical


えええ えええ ううう

ENzetsu –make a speech


えええ  おおお

TEIkou — struggle with system

MEIyo– glory

Meisho –master craftsman

MEso MEso –whimper

Keitou –devote oneself to X

ZecCHOU –climax (emotional)

SekKYOU –sermon, lecture

GENjou –status quo


えええ おおお おおお

NoKEmono — loser

えええ おおお えええ

v. mo yaMEtoKE –you’d better X



.oSEN– contaminate

Keisei ga gyakuten! –Now the tables are turned

SakuSEN– tactics

.kaSEN –attack / battle

kiNEN –commemorate

muGEN na — limitless


TouriipPEN no– perfunctory or ritualized, without content.

DokuTEN– exclucive report

DokuSEN –monopoly

ChokuMEN –confront


えん いん

ENjin– caveman

SENshin (no na) –advanced

GENkin –strictly prohibited


えん あん

SaiSENtan –cutting-edge

GENsan –native


えん ううう

KENju –gun

RENchuu –your gang

HENshuu –monomaniac


えん えん

HENken (wo motsu) –bias, preconception

KENzen na –wholesome


えん  おおお

KENkyo na –modest


えん おおお ううう

KENryoku –power



えい あああ ううう

SEIkaku na –percise


えい えん

MEIgen –old saying


えい おおお

TEInou na –unskilled

SEIchou suru –growth

KEImyou na –witty clever


えい おん

Heibon –mediocre


えい な

SEIha– dominate or have supremacy over

YoKEI na –excessive


えん あく

KENaku –ominious or threatening


えい いいい

SEIki –gonads



KiSEIchuu –parasite


えええ いいい いいい

SEIki –gonads

SEIgi –righteousness

kaKEhiki –strip club barker / tout


えええ えええ いいい

yaSEIteki– wild like an animal, rugged

TenKEITEki –typical , conventional


えい あん

Seikan –intense determined


えん あああ

.goMENda– unacceptable


えい おおお うう

KEIsotsu– rash, hasty

TEIkoku –empire


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MetsuBOU –downfall

x-wo KaiHO– emancipate X

SennNOu – brainwash

KeiTOU –systematic

.oSOU– attack

.soKKYOU –adlib

SenTOU –forefront of something

XSuru verb + TaigainishiRO –don’T go so far with X

XXX ni shiRO!! Do it!!

Iikagen ni shiRO! Quit it!

shinTOU –infiltrate, permeate

EraSOU– pompous

TsukimaTOU– stalk

ShukusSHOU –reduce, cut down on

AraSOU –compete

.iGYOU –a great achievement

noROU— curse

shiSHOU –obstacle

shiSSHOU– plain, unornamented umaku dekiani

busSOU na– sketchy unsettling

RakuSHOU– easy victory

X no KINjiTOU –a monmumental work in the field of (X)

jiKKOU –execution, performance

kiBOU– wish, hope

iJOU –abnormal

iYOU– grotesque bizarre

ZenjinmiTOU (no) –uncharted

jiKKOU –execute, put into practice

shiSHOU –obstacle

shiJOU (shugi) –supreme / supremacy

kuCHOU –tone of voice

ShuCHOU –assert, claim

ShuHOU –technique, style

FuGOU– millionaire rich bastard

FuHOU (taizai gaijin)– illegal (overstayin the visa) alien

buSOU suru– go armed with

Bu SSOU na –unsettling, dangerous

JuuMYOU– lifespan

BonYOU– mediocre


おおお あああ

OOroka – foolish

KYOUka –backup reinforcements

ShuBOUsha –ringleader

SHOsha –winner

TouBOUsha — refugee

SOUsa –operate or control a thing

FuYOU na– unnecessary

FuROUsha –hobo

IsagiYOsa –honor

KOUha –hard-liner

hanDOU da –counter-reaction

.kaJOUna –excessive

seishinBYOUsha– insane person, mental patient

KicCHOU na– precious

.shiSOU– freedom of thought

MouHOU  だ!– copy


おおお あああ あああ

OUgata no X — large scale X


おおお あい

GeiNOUkai –showbiz

SOUzai –raw material

Habottai –low class, uncouth

ToTETsu MOnai –unbelievable


おおお あい おおお

shiKOUKAIro– nuts, broken circut


おお あああ えええ

KuchiGOtae! Retort, talk back


おおお  いいい

KOji na –ostentatious

POcchi no — paltry

DaiGOmi –exquisite flavor

kaboSOi — feeble

Hodo wo koshi –carry too far

IkiDOUri wo kanjiru– get mad

KYOUgi –event, game

.ikiOI– power, energy

TOUshi –fighting spirit

ONchi (dearu)– poor at


YuTOri –space

Shinoki –furious struggle

ShitsuKOi –tenacious

DOUshi –compatriot

(waru)GAshiKOi –smart (devious)

KokoroboSOi– forlorn

BouYOmi –monotone

ToROroi –dullwitted

SHOri –winner

TaKAnoZOmi –overambitious

SOUi– discrepancy

ShonBOri –despondent because defeated

UtTORI suru –spellbound

BuZOroi —

おおお いいい あああ

KiDORIya– pretentious person

YOUgisha– suspect


おおお いいい いいい

RyouIHki–domain, territory

KyuuSHIki (no) –outdated

SHOUjiki –integrity

.hiTO jichi –hostage


おおお ううう

YOUkyuu– demand

maKU wo oROsu– the curtain has gone down

KuDOku– pester for sex

HiSOmu– lurk

HaiBOku– defeat

.iKOku– strange (foreign) country

X no ChiJOku –disgrace to X

DokuTOku na –unique

TOgu –grind, sharpen

FuSOku– shortage

KesSOku– unite

BOuryOku– violence

KOtsuKOtsu –grinding away ceaselessly at something

MaKIoKOsu– start a controversy

KinMOtsu –taboo thing

HaKYOku –catastrophe

HanSOku foul! –Breaking the rules

KeiKOku– warning

JiGOku — hell

ChinMOmoku– silence

Joukyuu –high level

AnaDOru –despise

IkiDOUru– resent

.oDOdosu –threaten

TsukeKOmu– take advantage of

BuJOku – insult

NotTOru –hijack

ZokuZOku — one after the next

YUU-DOku na–toxic

.iSHOku na unconventional

.iDOmu –challenge

HAI.BOku – defeat

ChinBOtsu –sink to bottom

HoroBOsu — annhilate

noROu –curse like magic not like fuck shit piss

maKU o oROsu– curtain falls ;

SHOUbu — the final battle, the win-all or lose-all situation

KYOfu– dread. –(kyofusho ^ phobia)

HiRAkinaOHru– assume a posture of proud defiance

seiyoku– sex drive

oTOru–be in ferior to

BuJOku– insult


おおお ううう あああ

CHOUshi ni noruNA –don’t push your luck!


おお ううう おおお

DOkuro –skull

OHchido– fault, error


おおお ううう えええ

jidaiOkure –old fashioned


おおお ううう ううう

HOUshutsu– gush out

MaGOTSUku– befuddle


おお えええ

BOke– idiot

ouhei –(all) arrogant

Kosei– individual

Koukei –spectacle

Doutei –male virgin

DamiGOE — gravelly voice

ChiZOme– gory,

Ho-TOke (yo!) – leave s.o. alone!

UnuBOre –conceited

KyoEI –vanity

Kyousei –compulsory,


おおお えええ  いいい

KOUgeki– assault, like a war

SHOUgeki– impact


おおお えええ ううう

KYOUretsu na– fierce intense

waYOUseCCHU shugi– combining east and west

JOUnetsu –passion


おおお えええ おおお

SHOUmeishou –licence



おおお  おおお

goutou– mugging

JOkyo– eliminate

HONnou –instinct

RetTOU no — inferior (rettoukan = inferiority complex)

ZOUgo –new word

.eMOno– prey

NOroNOro– too slow

shiROUto– novice

NARAzuMOno– rogue

kataKOto –broken language

miSEMOno –freakshow

kyotou– magnate

Oro Oro–flustered, stuttering, faltering

kyoshou –maestro

joutou– first class

keMOno –beast


おお おおお あああ

Ai KOtoba– motto


おおお おおお あい

MitTOmonai– disgraceful!


おおお おおお いいい


.oSOROshii –scary

.oSHIOki –punish


おおお おおお ううう

oSOru OHsoru– timidly

Ki NO doku da –feel sorry for

SHOUtotsu –collision

.oSOruOsoru –timidly

NOUryoku ga aru- capability


おおお おおお おおお

YoSOmono – outsider



Ni iZON –rely on (a bad thing)

GuDON– stupidity


おん あい

BONsai –mediocre talent


おん いいい

No particle ONchi (da) –tone-deaf, poor at (x)


おん いん

BONjin –ordinary mediocre person


おん おおお

CONto –skit

Ronsou– controversy


おん おおお おおお

DONzoko –the depths, to hit bottom


おん いいい ううう

.uTONjiru — shun


おおお いん

KeTOUjin hairy– foreign barbarian


おおお うん

SHOkun — ladies and gents, you guys

SHObun –deal with, punish


おおお えん

KOUsen (teki) –belligerent,

TOUzen na– rightful

CHOUten– climax (physical)

CHOUsen — challenge

Hougen — dialect


おおお おん

KONpon –foundation

YOron– public opinion

Ponpon (toiu)– speak like a machine gun

HOUgan –cannonball

KOUsan –surrender

HanKYOran –half crazed in a frenzy

HOUgan– cannonball


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