Tokyo Damage Report

2007 winter design festa FASHION


Ladies wore some "costumes" to the event, but the fellas had the lock on fashion one can wear every damn day and still look special.

(click here for the "art" part of the event report)

Money Grip, below, had the most insane rococo silk jacket with monkeys on it. I don’t think it was Bathing Ape – i think it was made by actual wig-encrusted apes from the 1700’s.

HELLA femalses were rocking these hats made of lambskin with sheep ears built-in.

below, the back 50% of The Kid’s boots was like a single injection-molded piece of Safety Orange rubber – heel and all. When I asked to take a picture, Homey’s pal was saying (in Japanese) "Dood he is picking up on you." which made me go, damn!


My main Chicano, above, runs a zoot-accessory store called JEANIE’S COCKTAIL JEWELRY. sample below:

ok, that’s it for the fashion this time.

(click here for the "art" part of the event report)

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