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2007 winter design festa

2007 winter design festa — November 17th, 2007, odaiba big sight

Design festa is a biannual convention where 1,000 artists get little booths to sell their wares. I have written about it on maybe 2000000 occasions so i will not go into too much detail.

Three main things: a lot more new artists than last time, and a lot more erotic art, and a lot more people thinking I am trying to pick up on dudes.


I GOT A SYSTEM THIS TIME: 1) all the captions refer to the photos below the caption.

2) awwww yeaaahhh.

first thing to see is this: a CURRY RICE BED!!

You sleep on the rice and the curry is a blanket!

I checked back 3 hours later and there were like 10 people crashed out on this muh.


Below, the work of Sunpei Toki, who makes 8 inch tall models of fucked up things. This one depicts Shibori, or a Bhudist mourning ritual. Except in this case it’s slightly different: the widow is shitting on the picture of the dearly departed.

from his site : "Shunpei Toki , a sculptur, finds out the aestheticism to a sexual act.
Solid Harmony Masterpiece Works realizes them in the highest form.

After (50years and 100years) … I am happy if it is estimated that it is one culture."


below, fashion dress! human model!

below, the great stencil art of AN-CO, who did the cover for this year’s festa catalog!

below, the photorealistic and critically gross art of MATSU. MATSU was not there when i was ass-kickded by his/her art so i have no idea if he/she’s a lady or a dude or some kind of thing. The pictures besides being technically perfect are really cool because they are like h.r. geiger but in a totally new way, which is pretty hard.

below, NOMAD’s art:

painters inside a black box, painting on the plexiglass surface:

below, 3-d moon wallpaper!!

Samurai cats by Akihiko Fujita!

dresses physically knitted out of balloons by performers / seamstressesses:

the Thai art of watermelon carving:

below, the figurines of TERUTE!!

He’s doing a comic based on modified sequential photos of these figurines, but it’s not done yet.

You can see sample pages here. and here.

below, i don’t have any idea

below, the wonderfully whimsical work of Toyohisa Kanno! He speaks good English so you can email him!



all kinds of papercraft robots;

one of the best things ever: a handmade "my favorite rapper" pillow.

naked dudes waiting for something to pop out of an egg.

below, the work of KONOSUKE CHISHIMA who hopes to make it big in the vynyl toy world.

holy shit this guy is fierce!! he didn’t have a business card. he was so intense. i was all trying to compliment him and he was like, not now, i am working on my latest masterpiece!!!

different painting, this one maybe 17 feet wide:

Keisuke Matsumoto does art that is not only insanely realistic, but he got his own style. normally as stuff gets more realistic looking, it all looks the same, but not him! He invents his own modern-day Youkai (traditional ghosts/spirits), which inhabit the ubiquitous run-down public spaces in Tokyko. Like how the ancient ways are no longer practiced or believed in by today’s society, but they got squeezed into the margins, and if you squint hard enough you can see how the spirit world co-exists beside the regular one in every space, even the most prosaic, fuck these sleeping pills pack a wallop.

Shinah-graphics, makers of crazy 3d realistic looking advertising images:

hire these guys!

Haruna Kitakouji

KTR is the mysterious name of this artist:

The wonderfully grotesque art of Cugan Takahashi! Why do western women not draw things like this:

She had like a hundred of these things but no website, so you are stuck with this.

Akamatsu Hitode has been doing these surreal / occult / nasty paintings for years! I first ran into him at GEISAI.

Takayon-san draws the KM5 (five kinoko men) (mushroom man):

i particularly like that one above because it looks like Ron Jeremy mixed with Pikachu.


Masako Mekata – her "chotto ero" pictures are in "room 2"

Amagase Youko does really wonderful spooky hypersaturated photography

the buttons on the right-hand-side will take you to pictures of it.


. . . who also make a farting spy who is a skunk who farts.

Uehara-san’s insane, cyber -roccocco art:

Why do girls draw the nastiest stuff?


the redoubtable BAMBOOMANS – two little bamboo guys done by an artist named, i think, mr. BUN.



Yugen Mizuno does these rad traditional-lookin’ pitchers with collages of real fabric sewn in!

Dangom, a Gandam parody! dangom means "dango mushi" which means pillbug!

the next pictures are based on traditional japanese supersition:

I could not understand what the artist said 100% but i think if dudes get possessed by a fox or a raccoon, then they can operate a ouija board and tell your future. Or something. Her business card had like zero actual information on it so you can’t ask her yourself, sorry.


the stunning fuckin’ amazing technique of Nadeshi Korin!! Fuckin’ Ukio-e in the hizzzzzzz!!!


the Twisted World of Matsubara Yui. She got annoyed when i asked her if she was on 2-chan a lot.

Her site seems still under construction, but give it a click!

below, the work of Mr. Hiko, who has been drawing Youkai (traditional Japanese ghosts each with its own legend) for over 6 years! He’s got over 400 individual youkais now!


Saved the scariest thing for last: Japan’s most extreme hentai video company, , has launched a side-branch of art photography. The clerk at the booth said the president, mr. daikichi amano, wanted to get around export laws which make it illegal to sell naked lady videos to minors. So thus art photos, which is easier to export. I was like, ok, so this is for the kids? and he was like, "exaccctly" while making a huge perv face.

lady at ramen stall, eating live earthworms.

The hell???


ok, just to clear your pallete:

Korean Hangul fonts!! with smiley guys!!

other links:


Isamu katsumata’s wood-cut martial arts pictures!

Kaijin Toy – makers of vynyl figurines

mr. twin – click on the top 3 buttons on the side menu!

the pulltop website is hours of fun – a collective of artists selling posters of, among other things, Mickey Hitler.

for design festa FASHION PHOTOS of what people were wearing, click hyar.

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    もしかすると2007冬のDesignFestaウエハラサンをみつけられたらいいね? それと彼女のことをアップデートできていいとおもう!

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