Tokyo Damage Report


I am living in Japan, and felt homesick, so I drew pictures of S.F.’s weirdos.


Every city has homeless and junkies, and every city has regular working people, but only in S.F. do you see people who are just unclassifiable. The guy with the giant fancy cowboy hat, cowboy jacket, and Dolphin shorts. The woman in a jogging suit and spats. The transvestite with a pleather trenchcoat and a sack full of golf clubs. It’s like. . . “OK you clearly are not homeless if you have that specialized garb, but nobody would hire you. What is your deal???”

Even people who ARE obviously homeless, there are some that still hang on to one particular garment that is a remnant of their former life-a special coat or scarf that they can put on and say, “OK, never mind I’m living in a box; this is who I REALLY am.”

This random unclassifiable unique outcast stuff -a category based on not being a category – is way cooler than any fashion show at Paris or Milan, so when I was living in Cali, I went to Market Street and sketched people- everybody on here is drawn from real life.

Partly it is a tribute to S.F.’s uniqueness, and partly it is my attempt to figure out just what constitutes the Market Street “Look.”56 portraits later, I still can’t say exactly makes the “look”, but definitely the following tips should give you a head start:

  • Try having one or two pieces of fancy clothing, mixed with random rags.
  • Ideally the clothes should be from opposite seasons (i.e. fall/spring or summer/winter)
  • You can never have too much pleather, or too many North Face windbreakers.
  • Superstar Jennifer Lopez / Beyonce sunglasses from Longs.
  • THOSE SHOES. You know the ones – – the black, puffy, laceless dealies that seem to have been injection-molded from a single piece of plastic foam. I have only seen homeless wearing these shoes. I can’t find them online. I can’t find them in stores.

the portraits:

9th Level BMX Warrior

Askew Tranny

Awesomeness Consultant

Bad Choices

Bad Shoe Shine

Batty Rasta

Bean Fiend

Blanket Ghost



Chinese Recycle Gnome

Cowboy Leaner

Crack Sweats

Cult Granny

El Cowboy de la Lotto

E.T. breaker

Future of Jogging

Greek Sinker

No-home Coach

Word to Herb


Hyphy Mole

Irish Thing

Jennifer Aniston Tourist

Khmer Fudd

LSD funk

Michelin man


mohican giant

Laces (toothless resistor)

Patriotic Dundee


Pink Head

Pleather Granny

Primary Sweats

Problem Playa

Puffy Suave

Raccoon Accountant

Rappin’ Cowboy

Ecko Zeppelin

Sanitation Worky

Speedy Saucy Granny

Sleepy Grape

Sock Hoarder

Sombrera Bizarra

Steve Perry

Wide Stick

Suave B-Boy

Thai Art Student

The Future Of Lesbians

The Messy Messenger

The Pissed Prophet

The Plum

The Varmint

Wheel Fraud

Yeah Buddy!

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  1. jani April 20th, 2009 4:53 am

    Hi, these links seem to be 404. Just wanted to let you know that at least one reader wanted to see them.

  2. admin April 23rd, 2009 5:12 am

    fuck! thanks for the heads-up! I’ll fix it once i’m done with my “cup of hot cocoa” if you know what I mean.

  3. Amy October 4th, 2011 4:47 am

    Suuuper new comment on a suuuper old entry, but I just wanted to say that as another San Franciscan living in Tokyo, your site is amazing. And brought back a lot of natsukashii memories. 

  4. Stella November 26th, 2011 12:00 am

    oh godddddd this is the BEST

  5. worldshouldbemorepeaceful February 18th, 2013 4:34 am

    Go back to SF!

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