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‘Celebitch’ magazine

dasai fashion. ok, it’s a fashion magazine! called what? no,seriously, that couldn’t be. it myst be an optical illusion caused by too much bling-fontery. try again. oh shit. There’s no editor’s statement, so it’s impossible to tell if this is just a bad side effect of a "celebrity + rich" portmonteau or a deliberate, Hiltonesque […]


2007 Henrio

p>2 years ago, on Christmas, as a sort of present, I launched a line of childrens’ toys based on the SANRIO line, called HENRIO.   So, what with the uproar over "dangerous toys" and all, it seemed like a good time to introduce all-new line of henrio for 2007. enjoy. 変リオというキャラクターグッズ会社を経営してる、俺。 クリスマスプレゼントとして、新しいキャラクターをあげます!!     afro […]


Emperor’s Birthday: traditional uyoku riot

December 23, the Emperor Akihito’s birthday.   celebration, Japanese style!   The traditional way of celebrating your love for the Emperor is to spend his whole birthday being mad as hell. And the traditional way to display your love for your country is to go out and fight with the police! At least, that’s the […]

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Interview: expert on Uyoku!

      TDR: so how did you get from straight-edge hardcore punk to researching uyoku?   PROF: as a punk rock kid growing up (in Redlands), there was a group of ex-skinheads turned hardcore Christians, (or is that “hardcore hardcore Christians?”) who took the new york city beat-down aesthetic to southern California, but in […]

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Interview with Akayukihime (‘red princess’)

  Akayuki is a young Tokyo artist and illustrator whose work is very GUROGAWA. gurogawa is a contraction of the English "grotesque" and the japanese "kawaii." Lots of women are doing this style, but she is my favorite! She was kind enough to let me interview her a few weeks ago. We discussed the social […]

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