Tokyo Damage Report

2007 Henrio

p>2 years ago, on Christmas, as a sort of present, I launched a line of childrens’ toys based on the SANRIO line, called HENRIO.


So, what with the uproar over "dangerous toys" and all, it seemed like a good time to introduce all-new line of henrio for 2007. enjoy.





afro bonsai.

セルライトベアー を説明ちゃんと出来ない、俺。


cellulite bear. It is not really a toy, it is more like a symbiotic organism that co-exists with a pair of low-rise jeans. What appear to be "jeans" are actually kind of organic, living chutes that use primitive lungs to vaccum up any burgers, hot-dogs and ice cream in the vicinity, and shunt the hi-calorie foodstuffs up to the "bear" – a wobbly mass of cellulite which spills out over the sides of the jeans. You’d think that this quivering pink mass of fuzzy protoplasm and its jeans-without-legs-or-bones would frighten people as it slithered along the food court, but in fact it is so cuuuute that people call out in joy, "Heyy, here comes Cellulite Bear! Hiiii!!! Everyone loves Cellulite Bear!" Number one, its fuzzy ears are so cute, and number two, if you rub them you get good luck!!


PEROLI is the japanese word meaning, loosely, "eaten with gusto" or "completely devoured in a satisfying way." So, what kind of image do you concieve when I mention



In Japanese, Goats go "meh!"

この坊さん、なんとか不安。 紛らわしところあるかなぁ。



This ambiguous little fellow goes by the name of BOUSOUZOKU — pronounced like the infamous japanese biker gangs, but spelled different: MONK (bou) ABBOT (sou) vulgar (zoku). Therein lies the humour. He’s a dutiful worshipper of the Bhudda, but there is something a little off-putting about him.

Mumin-troll – the Finnish answer to Mickey Mouse — is really popular in Japan, despite its really obscene appearance.

or perhaps because. . . .


At any rate, the word for "fondling a boob" is MOMI, so you can imagine what MOMIN-troll is. Wait, you don’t have to, because she’s up there. What are those little paws reaching for, anyway???


Finally, as the flagship character of our 2007 media blitz, may I present the thing, the uh, the oh Christ.

wait, back up. . . first, let me explain that Japanese has a sound effect for licking: PELO. (as far as I know, it is not related to PELOLI).

With that in mind. . . .








この感じ? 違うかなぁーー

Pelo Kitty.

Something is a little wrong with her.

その感じ? なんとなく、何かたりない。

Still not quite right.

ああ!!!これだ! ピッタリ合う。 想像がらくね?

Aah, there we go. The joy of imagination come to life.



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