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2008 jan engrish

Welcome to 2008’s first Engrish lesson: That’s right. An indian restaraunt named Tonto. In Nakano.     Below, battling mascots: Softbank’s Cameron Diaz vs. AU’s Risumo. Below, the Sutter/Stockton St. Garage in San Francisco. Below, at last, Japanese technology finally beats the other countries to the ultimate energy drink: DeNiro-Flavored cola!     "fiber optic […]

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the current state of Ignorance

THE UGLY GAP BETWEEN JAPAN’S SUBCULTURE PRODUCERS AND FOREIGN FANS   I was talking to my kid Shisen about pop culture the other day. Dude is one of the only Japanese indie dudes (for the purposes of this article, indie = people who are trying to make a living doing music, art, event promotion, fashion, […]

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angel od, screwwithin, kriegshog, unarm, organism

PUNK ROCK @ earthdom This was an unusual live for 2 reasons: 1) most of the bands i had never heard before turned out to be awesome, and 2) most of the bands had female members. Maybe that is not weird for a punk-rocker in YOUR country but in Tokyo that is pretty wild stuff. […]

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