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PUNK ROCK @ earthdom

This was an unusual live for 2 reasons:

1) most of the bands i had never heard before turned out to be awesome, and

2) most of the bands had female members. Maybe that is not weird for a punk-rocker in YOUR country but in Tokyo that is pretty wild stuff.


dread eye


This was a band that played power-violence-style arrangements, but without any real energy or scariness. The vocalist, above, and below, demonstrates his vast repitoire of emotion. The bassist, left, couldn’t have been more than five feet and 40 pounds, but played pretty angry. I think these guys could evolve into a good band if they get more self-confidence. At least that is what i told them when i slipped them my A&R card and offered them a limo ride home in exchange for a hit r&b crossover song (a collaboration with a failing pop star, client of mine, whose carreer needs rejuvination and new material).


If you have read this blog for more than a month you already know about Kriegshog, so let’s move on to . . .


Screwithin’s myspace is here.

They are a really chaotic and energetic band with 2 singers. The lady vocal said her lyrics dealt with feminism and the dude singer’s dealt with communism. I think. Kind of on a preachy-crusty tip. But not too preachy – they both made hella wild, comical facial expressions all googley eyed, as the following picture demonstrates:

They had kind of raw-yet-complex songs with some melodic parts. They were responsible for producing today’s live show (i.e. they put up the money, and so they got to choose the bands). And i guess that is why most of the bands had lady members.

angel o.d.

(homepage here)

Holy Fuck!! This is one of these bands that has been playing for years and somehow i never saw them before.

THEY ARE THE BEST BAND IN TOKYO. They are just insane. like retarded. Like jump-in-the-crowd and then jump-back-on-stage-and-shove-other-band-members-to-the-ground retarded. Everyone in this band jumps around first and then tries to play notes as an afterthought. Everyone has this "LOOK AT ME! I AM THE STAR! NOT HER, NOT HIM, LOOK AT ME! I AM THE CRAZY ONE! THESE OTHER KIDS ARE STRAIGHT-UP N-SYNC DOUCHEBAGS." they carry this philosophy to the extreme.





Unarm played very ordinary, forgettable crusty songs about peace or whatever.

I spent most of their set comparing the Unarm singer’s attitude to the attitude of ANGEL O.D.’s singer. Because these 2 bands sort of epitomize the dillema faced by lots of women in hardcore bands. (or corporations, for that matter)

To wit: Most women in a male dominated enterprise either try to be a dude and wind up being boring, or try to exploit their assets which is kind of a sell-out move if you axe me.

Unarm-lady’s philosophy seemed to be, "I can do what a guy does, so I will act like a guy." Not in a macho way, but her voice and her fist-clenching stage posture were like any other (mediocre, non-crazed) crusty political dork singer.

In contrast, the ANGEL O.D. singer was all crazy harcore, but still feminine. And i hesitate to use that word because she was not flirty or nothing, she was crude and rude. But she had a high voice and a skirt and wasn’t trying to be a dude. Her PLASMATICS t-shirt provides a clue here.


The angel o.d. lady rode the fine line just perfect, i think.


organism from osaka

Here is why Osaka hardcore is better: They look the audience in the eye, like "What?"

If you see a band live for the first time, even if you don’t know their name, you can tell if they are from Tokyo or not, because Tokyo bands generally don’t look the audience in the eye – even if they are acting all punk and shit, they gotta be "cool." Osaka motherfuckers take it to your face.

These dudes didn’t have a gimmick, they just rampated the fuck out. You can see the ANGEL O.D. girl in the right of the picture above. check out her face, she’s like, "Ehh. I could take him out, i bet."


cosmic neurose

I missed most of their set because i was in the bar talking to some lady trying to make a documentary about Japanese women in Punk bands.

cosmic neurose’s youtube



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