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Art is about creativity, expression and rebellion. Does this seem so obvious that it’s trite and embarrassing to read? Maybe to you and me, but to the art establishment, it’s NOT obvious. Because when you go to a museum, the creativity of the audience (in the form of interpreting paintings), and their rebelliousness (in interpreting […]

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people-watching in Shinjuku station – drunks!!!

I swear, Tokyo is not that expensive. I’ve been to all the rock shows, s/m shows, taiko, cosplay, all that shit. . . but my favorite thing is still Shinjuku station after 9 pm. And it’s free!! People from all walks of society converge here, united by a love of getting piss drunk. Salarimen, goths, […]


more Shinjuku station war stories

I know i talked before about how awesome people-watching at Shinjuku train station is. It’s not a Mardi Gras or Carnivale type situation by any means, but COMPARED TO REGULAR UPTIGHT JAPAN it’s pretty fun. Shit, i go there regularly to people-watch and i’m not even a tourist. WHERE , HOW, AND WHEN– East entrance […]